Thursday 16.45-17.35

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The Forward Internet Group in London implemented the original Programmer Anarchy process. Detractors point out that Anarchy would not work in a traditional organization with its established processes and roles. In the second implementation of Programmer Anarchy, the detractors seem to be wrong.

MailOnline, the online version of the Daily Mail of London, is the most read online newspaper in the world. MailOnline has had a Web presence for over a decade, and have iOS and Android products in the field as well. Into this environment, Programmer Anarchy was introduced.

This presentation discussed the various aspects of implementing Programmer Anarchy at MailOnline:
- Team building through programmer training
- Pilot project without managers, BA’s or dedicated testers
- Reinforce the model with new HR structure emphasizing skills over titles
- Create self-organizing teams of 5-8 developers (multiple such teams)
- Charter teams with a specific project, and let them deliver
- Avoid artificial schedule pressure

Various aspects of the process will be discussed:
- Staff rentention
- Recruiting benefits
- Cross-training results
- Delivery comparisons
- Team morale