Wednesday 10.00-10.50

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This presentation follows the journey of Lonely Planet's in-house legal team from the traditional model of having workflow managed by a partner or senior lawyer to becoming an agile service provider where workflow and priorities are managed by the team. It discusses the basic practicalities of how the change was effected in a non-IT environment and looks at the challenges posed by culture and geography. Also discussed are add-on processes that enhance team ownership of workflow, benefits and rewards flowing from agile systems and some hot tips on how to make agile work for your team.

Lonely Planet's in-house legal team began managing workflow using agile methodologies back in 2010. Today after several structural iterations for the team and implementation of an additional legal function in the UK they continue to have a reputation as a highly skilled, high performance team with outstanding levels of customer service. The team largely attribute this success to the re-imagination and transformation of the legal team from the traditional legal 'partner' model of management into being an agile service provider.