Thursday 11.10-12.00

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Now that Oracle owns MySQL, it's clear that it's not going anywhere fast. What's a developer to do? Flee to the arms of NoSQL? Are you going to have to learn Erlang just to query your data? Forget all of that.

Postgres is the answer to your database needs. It's mature and powerful, and the community that maintains it has built in more functionality than you can shake a stick at. It powers sites large and small, including sites you know and love like the Urban Dictionary and Instagram.

Come to this talk to see a whirlwind tour of a dozen field-tested answers to actual problems, ranging from analyzing events in log data with window functions to the exciting new JavaScript engine allowing you to embed the same logic in your database that drives your front-end.

This talk won't assume you're a SQL guru, but we will assume you know your SELECTs from your INSERTs. We're not going to go into great depth here either. This talk is designed to pique your interest and leave you with enough information to follow up with our example dataset later.