Wednesday 10.00-10.50

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Mobile applications have gone from being a companion experience to become the primary method of interaction with web, apps and services. Today users expect a full feature set to be available on their mobile device, not a slimmed down version. Spotify, like many other services, started as a desktop application and we have worked hard to also become the best mobile music experience. In order to support this transition we have found that we needed to significantly improve the way we worked with mobile applications and development.

In a joint session between our iOS and Android teams we will look at what we are doing to allow developers to independently work on mobile features without compromising quality and development speed. The talk will provide a background on why we needed to change, some of the changes made and the direction we are going from here.

Areas we will cover include how to structure your mobile application to be able to do continuous A/B testing of features, the importance of great tools to facilitate cross team development and how respecting the ideas of individual developers can drive rapid improvements. While the session will be mostly about tools infrastructure and organization it is presented by developers and will include the occasional code example.