Friday 14.10-15.00

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Analytics is being incorporated into software for Mobile and Web applications.
The business has already decided to rely on the results to help grow the business and to shape their plans for new features, products and services. We have the opportunity to get involved in Analytics. It needs testing to determine if it’s fit for purpose. And we can use Analytics to inform and improve: our testing, the development, and ultimately the products and apps we deliver to the end users.

This session covers key aspects of working with Analytics, including:
• How does Analytics work?
• Calibrating: the tools, our understanding, and our practices
• Potential pitfalls
• Applying the concepts
• Ramifications of using Mobile Analytics, including privacy, risks for our apps, cost, data ownership, etc.

When Analytics is used effectively, it provides fast, inexpensive, and valuable feedback. Testers have a vital role to play in establishing justified confidence in the use of Analytics. Testers can then use the data to shape and improve both their work and the end product.

We will use Mobile Analytics to exemplify various topics and challenges as it provides rich and interesting situations that need to be considered.