Thursday 11.10-12.00

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In a recent interview with Dr. Dobb's, the pioneer of object-orientation and co-designer of Smalltalk, Alan Kay, said: "The Actor model retained more of what I thought were the good features of the object idea." Actors are a powerful concept, which greatly reduce the complexity of distributed, concurrent systems. Yet, the Actor model is rarely used today, and when it is used, is often relegated to a technical, infrastructural concern. What would it be like to leverage Actors as the central theme in a carefully crafted domain-driven designed model, along with a memory-based grid/fabric, NoSql storage, and CQRS? Discover the incredible and liberating simplicity with the new open-source Actor model grid that supports interoperability between Java and .NET systems. You will see how highly concurrent and event-driven systems can be created while incurring minimal architectural and other technical debt in your projects. Assign junior and mid-level developers finite tasks that address strategic business logic without the need to understand complex\thread-based or messaging infrastructure.

This talk takes you through the theory of Actors and how the Actor model supports lock-free concurrency, distributed-computing, low latency, and high throughput. Some of the topics covered include: Actor theory, using Actors, mailboxes, share-nothing, creating Actors as first-class domain concepts, grid/fabric-based low-latency access, NoSQL persistence, as well as Java and .NET platform interoperability.