Monday 08.30-1700

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As tech professionals, what we need is a way to work better so that we can create more, right? Our brain is our most powerful tool, but so often the practices and culture of work only stifle our efforts to produce fresh ideas and approaches when most needed. As developers, we hack all of the time. In order to have more creative productivity, we need to do is reapproach and modify how we use our brains on a daily basis in order to access more of its inherent processing power.

Through exploring various concepts and approaches, including the neuroscience of creativity, productivity techniques, and emerging practices that spur innovation, we'll discover not only the ways in which our brains work best, but also what’s behind the times when we feel on fire with creativity and when we don't. We’ll translate this information into processes and techniques for dramatically enhanced creative productivity. Beware: this workshop challenges the standard norms around concentration, focus, productivity, and may change how you work…for the better.

Topics include:
• The six step process for hacking the brain in order to work better and create more
• The neuroscience behind creativity
• Recognizing and expanding idea generating and capturing styles
• Shifting your brain into the state where one accesses information and ideates best
• Leveraging the relationship between collaboration and playing games to foment creative inspiration

You’ll get tools to aid with:
• Managing time and eliminating distractions to achieve optimal right-brained productivity
• Busting the biggest blocks and inhibitors of creativity
• Creating a repository of inspiration sources to kick-start the creative thinking and innovation process
• Finishing products faster

The goal of the workshop is to help participants:
• Reconfigure standard approaches to work in order to be more innovative and creatively productive
• Transform negative stress into eustress to spur creative productivity
• Structure time and workspaces to be more productive
• Generate new ideas when most needed