Monday 08.30-1700

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Leaving the Waterfall and Leading with Agile

The road to Agile is never easy. For those who are transitioning from a traditional project environment and mindset, the journey can be even more difficult. This 1-day workshop is designed to help project and team leaders who are transitioning away from a traditional/waterfall environment towards Agile. This course will enable them to deepen their awareness of how subtle shifts in language, culture and leadership style can mean the difference between Agile success and waterfall failure. Through a series of short lectures, exercises and workshops, participants will learn:

• How to leverage the aspects of their traditional background that can be a benefit to Agile teams.
• How to avoid some of the common mistakes traditional project managers make when they first encounter Agile teams.
• How modifications to their use of language, leadership and facilitation skills can enable them to become more Agile leaders.
• How to adjust to the change in value systems that takes place when an organization transforms to Agile and how this change impacts their role.

Who should Attend

This class is designed for managers and project and team leaders who are in transition towards Agile from a more traditional (waterfall) way of working. This class would be highly beneficial for anyone who is transitioning to Agile, but who still struggles with letting go of the traditional project leadership mindset.


• Agile vs. Waterfall
• Language is a Virus
• The Cultural Divide and How to Cross It
• Leadership 2.0
• Agile Values vs. Traditional Values
• Redefining the Measure of Success
• Instant Agile Credibility Fails for Project Managers
• Developing Your Personal Agility Plan


Participants should leave this class with an understanding of:
• The cultural differences that exist between Agile and traditional project management/leadership.
• The subtle language differences that exist between Agile and traditional management and how they impact different aspects of the project.
• How to protect against some of the most common errors managers and leaders coming from a traditional background make which negatively impacts their credibility within an Agile organization.
• The value that a traditional manager or project lead can bring to an Agile team and how this role can be leveraged to enable a stronger team to deliver working product.