Thursday 18.00-18.50

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Do you feel like you are "faking it" in your job? Are you wondering when, or if, you will jump to "making it"? This session will discuss ways that we can recognize where and how we may be limiting ourselves, and take the steps necessary to "stop faking it".

Many of us have been in the position of being an "Advanced Beginner". We copy someone else's work, we make a few changes, and somehow, it just works. For many of us, we repeat the pattern all through our career. The danger we often face is that we don't realize we have been faking it until we are asked to do something that we can't leverage or copy from somewhere else. Then what do we do? This session will look at ways that we can break the cycle of "faking" it, and take control of the work that we do and get to a point where we really do know what we are doing, and can prove it. We will look at ways to be mentored by experts, becoming the worst player on the team (and being OK with that) and looking at ways that we can move from "cookbook recipes" to unique creations.