Thursday 14.10-15.00

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In this session three NOSQL techniques will be demonstrated. RavenDB, Neo4j and Riak. Each speaker has 10 minutes to show you why and how NOSQL can be used. It is not difficult. It is not frightening. It’s fun.
After this session, you know more about which technique you should test and continue with.
And perhaps the three speakers invite us for an open discussion.

Riak is a key-value, distributed database that consists of multiple independent nodes that are joined together to form a Riak cluster. When data is written into a Riak cluster, it will be written to multiple nodes so that even if a single node does go down, the data will still be reachable, thereby ensuring high availability.

Neo is a graph database.

A quick introduction to RavenDB, a document database written in C#, with a short discussion of its design and capabilities, to help you decide when it can be a good fit.