Tuesday 08.30-17.00

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You have an idea for a product. You have to figure out how to deliver software that will delight your customers. You want to ship something of value now!

You are a business person with an idea for a product, or a product manager trying to meet your customers’ increasing demands for new features now, or a programmer struggling with unrealistic deadlines. If you want to deliver more value with less software, then you need this course.

What you will learn

Which major areas of the system are essential to delivering a complete, coherent product? Choose the essential feature areas for your product.
Which specific features are most likely to get people to buy and use your product? Choose concrete features from your feature areas.
How can you describe each feature in a way that best helps programmers understand what to build? Create executable examples from your stories.
How will you support the people around you in doing these things? With simple techniques like Lost Luggage, Magic Wand, and Try To Stop Me.
Key concepts derived from well-established fields like Specification by Example, Behavior-Driven Development, Product/Story Mapping, and Deliberate Discovery.