3-7 November - Malmö Sweden

4-7 November 2014 Malmö Sweden

#NoEstimates Unplugged - A conversation about Agile as-if-you-meant-it - a session at Øredev 2014


14.20 - 15.00

#NoEstimates Unplugged - A conversation about Agile as-if-you-meant-it

Level: Intermediate

Woody Zuill and Vasco Duarte share their experiences with #NoEstimates and describe how #NoEstimates is just one small part of getting back to Agile-as-if-you-meant-it
We tackle: #NoEstimates implications on teams, stakeholders, product management and even business. But most of all we talk about the implications to us as human beings.
#NoEstimates is just one of many conversations about what are the next steps for application of Agile concepts and ideas. #NoEstimates is, in Woody's and Vasco's opinion just one small aspect of a much wider discussion.


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