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Brooklyn Zelenka

Brooklyn is the Chief Scientist at FISSION (web3 tools for web2 devs). She is a functional programmer through-and-through, and has authored several Elixir libraries including Witchcraft, Exceptional, Algae, and Quark. She is an Ethereum Core Developer, the EVM Evolution working group lead, and has written a number of blockchain-related standards. She has founded and organised multiple meetups and conferences, centered around functional programming, culture, and mentorship. Lately she has been thinking a lot about the success and failure modes of different tech disciplines, speeding up and securing VMs, and how dependent types can help save us from ourselves. When not roaming the world as a digital nomad, Brooklyn is based out of Vancouver, Canada.

unfold_more The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Monads
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unfold_more A Universal "Hostless" Substrate for a Post-Serverless Future
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