About us

ØREDEV was founded in 2005 by Jayway, a company comprised of and focused on specialists within IT. Øredev inherited Jayway's vision and philosophy.

Never done Øredev?

Pronounced [err!-uh-devv], the name is a portmanteau of “Øresund” (the region we are located in) and “Developer”. The Danish “Ø” is included because we think the slash is cooler than a couple of poncey dots. And what it is is the premier developers conference in Europe focusing on the spectrum in software development process. Øredev is known for presenting the highest standard of quality in speakers and subjects including, but not limited to: Java, .Net, Project Management, Web development and Testing. Our aim is to cover the topics you are working with today as well as highlighting the ones you will be using tomorrow.
Quite simply, Øredev means  <Sharing Knowledge>, which is why we bring together developers and programmers, web heads, testers, tribes of Norwegian hackers, enterprise developers and managers, entrepreneurs, activists, designers, project and IT managers, trainers and educators all in one place. We create an atmosphere for learning, exchanging experiences, and smile!

Our Vision

Øredev has its origins and focus on the software development process, from programming to project management. We work to organize an event based on the concept of quality - for learning and networking - Sharing Knowledge.

Our Philosophy

Having fun!
We are passionate about our work and organizing the Øredev conference is a thrill.

Each year is unique, with new topics, new speakers, and new challenges. As such we have to constantly evolve and reinvent ourselves. This is both what makes our work fun for us and why we believe others having fun as a result of work is so important.

Øredev Programme committee

Each session topic and speaker is hand selected by the Øredev program committee. With an aim towards diversity, the committee is composed of volunteer developers, testers, and leaders. Only the most relevant sessions presented by speakers known to deliver critical, technical information in an understandable manner make it on the program at the Øredev conference. Øredev is independent of commercial partners and members of the program committee are free to choose whom they like to invite.

The Programme Committee 2012:

Anders Janmyr

Anders Janmyr is a developer since about twenty years. He loves writing code but, also talking and writing about it.

He has worked in many different domains, from databases and servers to mobile phones and robots, and has experience with small and large scale architectures.

He has a wide experience of programming languages C, Smalltalk, Java, C#, Haskell, Lisp, Ruby and Javascript among others. The last years he has spent mainly with Ruby and Javascript.

He loves the combination of dynamic languages and test-driven development since it gives him a short feedback loop and peace of mind.

He blogs at http://anders.janmyr.com.

Twitter: @andersjanmyr

Pär Sikö

Pär is a java developer, working primarily with Android but with a long and happy history that includes J2ME, Swing and JavaFX.

He's been working with Java since it's inception and tried everything from architecture and large enterprise systems to mobile devices. 

As a developer Pär is curious and thorough and knows the importance of pixels and colors. Curious to learn new things, growing as a human being in the process, and happy to teach and inspire others about it. Thorough to ensure that the quality is on par with expectations and, perhaps most importantly, to really understand something makes it so much easier and fun to work with. Pixels and Colors have never been as important as it is today, everything is measured by it's looks, and Pär's focus on making beautiful applications is a deliberate strategy that has paid off numerous times.

Pär has been a busy speaker for the last couple of years, presenting on the international stage as well as on Swedish conferences.

He was awarded with a 'JavaOne Rock Star' for his presentation in San Francisco 2011. For Pär, the key success factor in a presentation is mixing good content with a big portion of humour and he wishes that more people would dare to step away from boring bullet lists and do something new and creative when presenting.

Sigurdur BirgissonSigurdur Birgisson

My name is Sigge and I am a Test consultant at Jayway. As a tester, I always try to have a holistic view and open mind about the software project at hand, and always try to apply the best possible approaches and tools to gather information needed to satisfy for good testing.

I really like the diversity in my role as tester. One minute I can be questioning some business requirement from the end user’s perspective towards the business people that know best, while the next minute consists of debugging some sql statement together with a developer to fine tune performance. Whatever the situation, I always try to figure out the most efficient way of solving the problems.

While my scope in testing is broad, I value the context-driven approaches to testing, using the most appropriate tools in any setting. On the other hand, the testing context of the agile project, including automation and sapient testing in a combined symbiosis, is something that I really like to explore.

To help your team deliver valuable software for the users, these will be two of the areas covered in the program of this year’s conference.

Ola Karlsson

After spending the majority of the last decade on the big continent down under, Ola Karlsson is now back in Sweden, his chilly homeland in the north. Ola is a .Net consultant at Jayway focussing primarily on front end development in XAML and web development. 

For a quite a while he trekked deep into Silverlight land, but over the last year or so, he returns to his first passion of "real" web development. "It is exciting to see the .Net web development community, slowly adopting and embracing things like Web standards, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 on a bigger scale!" 

Ola is also a fan of UX. "It is long overdue that we move away from the mentality where developers create something, which is “good enough” and if things don't behave like the user expects them to, then its a "user error"! It is time that developers realize, that it is part of our job, to think about who the users of our products are and how the products we build will be used!

The user should not have to spend time trying to understand how something works, it should just well, work!"

While living in Australia he was much involved in the .Net and Silverlight community, "I love talking to people both about technology and other fun things. And I'm now excited to continue my community involvement here in Sweden and at Øredev!"

"See you at Øredev 2012!!"

Rikard Ottosson

My name is Rikard and I have been a software developer for many years. I have worked as a consultant for numerous companies and corporations, as well as having dabbled in the somewhat dark arts of ERP consultancy, which presented me with the opportunity to look closer at the organizations- how they operated, what processes were near optimum, and which ones were far from it.

I enjoy measurable results. Actually removing tedious manual processes, giving people better tools to work with, cutting costs, increasing revenue; all these things give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Maybe there is a bean-counter inside me wanting to break free.

After having dealt with anything from C/C++ to the likes of LotusScript and C/AL, I have found .NET and C# to be home for me, with structure,and  a relatively modest amount of boilerplate, but just enough fluff to make things cozy. In terms of architectural elements and structures I have no clear favourites, but of course I prefer robustness, availability and auditability over the alternatives, which makes certain principles stand out as superior.

MartinMartin Gunnarsson

My name is Martin Gunnarsson, and I work as a software development consultant at Epsilon in Malmö. My background is in Java, but the last few years I've spent most of my time working with Objective-C (Cocoa Touch) and JavaScript (SproutCore). I've always been passionate about beautiful graphics and good user experience, so GUI coding is a perfect fit for me.

I love how fast things can turn around in the software industry. JavaScript, once a gimmick that no serious developers would touch with a ten-foot pole is now not only respected and widely used on the client side, but has also found its way over to the server side.

I'm a very visual and practical person. A picture really says more than a thousand words for me, and I always prefer to try things out instead of reading about them. I think a good balance between theory and practice is important when selecting speakers and presentations for a conference.

Me and my partner in crime Pär Sikö have been presenting at a number of big conferences around the world, and I'm really looking forward to see what it's like working with a conference from the other side.

Mattias Seversson

With a background in the hardware and embedded area, Mattias has shifted his focus to Java and the enterprise domain. He is a clean code proponent who appreciates Test Driven Development and Agile methodologies. Mattias has experience from many different environments, including everything between server solutions for multinational companies down to flashing LEDs by using small micro controllers. He is curious, open-minded and believes in continuous improvement on all levels.


Sune Simonsen

I've been a Java consultant for 5 years, mainly in the financial sector, but lately I've been moving gradually towards web development in dynamic languages. I'm the kind of developer that value language abstraction over tool support, and flexibility over ease of use. My laptop runs Arch Linux, assembled to my liking; I'm a Emacs power user but recently I've been flirting with VIM - to summarize I'm pretty much a geek with a passion for things outside of the mainstream. I love programming languages, especially dynamic and functional languages, and my favorite language is Clojure. I'll try to move Øredev in a direction that will satisfy my interest, so I hope you might share my passion for the technology of tomorrow.


UlrikUlrik Sandberg

Ulrik has been developing software for two decades, mostly in C and Java. Nowadays, however, his interests are Functional Programming and Dynamic Languages. Ulrik is convinced that Clojure is the ultimate programming language and that the rest of the world will come to the same conclusion, eventually. Testing and pair programming makes him feel comfortable, and is something he has been advocating since he read "Extreme Programming Explained" in 2000.


Dan Nilsson

My name is Dan Nilsson and I run the software company Binary Peak - a company that develops innovative apps for mobile platforms. 

I'm an experienced software developer who is very passionate about the mobile industry and all the opportunities it offers. I've developed for tons of platforms (mainly using my crafty Emacs setup), but nothing is as exciting as the iOS platform!

Besides creating apps I'm also interested in the emerging economic possibilites of this new industry. My goal is to create a diverse iOS track that not only covers new and cool development topics but also design and monetization. Which are crucial things to master if you want to succeed! 

Jakob Klamra

I'm an agile advocate, wishing to inspire others and to boost team productivity.

I developed my passion for agile while working as a Java consultant, realizing that our team could be more successful if we just changed

the way we worked. Since then I have been supporting and leading teams with the aim to perform small miracles.

You'll find me at @jakobklamra, jakob dot klamra at jayway dot com and

of course at Øredev 2012.

JennyJenny Håkansson

I'm a software engineer working with Android development at Sony Mobile. I'm passionate about the mobile industry and especially about Android - it is exciting to follow and be part of the rapid development of smart phones. 

In my daily work as a developer I always take the opportunity to challenge myself within new areas and learn new things. I'm also a supporter of agile development. I believe that close collaboration between programmers and UX designers, with focus on the end user, is the key to a successful product!

My goal is that Øredev 2012 will offer inspiring, in-depth talks for Android developers!