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Vive la rebellion!

This year we throw focus onto the outlier, the exception to every rule. We pop a high five to the rebellious spirit whose passion leads them away from the pack, taking risks, in pursuit of the extraordinary result. A result that throws a thunderbolt into still waters and ignites others to brew their own storm.

Imagine a world without it’s rebels. One homogenous flabby blob of humanity just staring at it's pasty navel, following and issuing orders because it worked before. It would be bland indeed if it even existed at all. This is the opportunity to openly admire, and celebrate the choices made that break the rules, that give cause for exile, for the chance at something bigger. Ground Breaking and Phenomenal.

Rebellion is the catalyst for innovation. It is the heartfelt courage to initiate change. In order for change to erupt we need support. We need inspiration. Control is not held by those in charge and a preconceived notion of the way things are done. Control is ultimately held by the doers.

You are the ones who do. And Øredev is gonna stroke the rebel in you.

Rebellious keynotes

David RowanDavid Rowan is editor of the UK edition of WIRED magazine, which won 2009 Launch of the Year at the British Society of Magazine Editors Awards. He writes the monthly “Digital Life” column in GQ magazine, and the “Tech Traveller” column in Condé Nast Traveller, in which he documents his encounters with the innovative people he meets at events such as TEDGlobal, DLD, Stream and Google Zeitgeist.

Wednesday 7th, conference opening keynote, Software Won - So Now What?


Alexander BerdThe Rebels Come Out Online - What if the Internet is something much bigger than we think? Alexander Bard is one of the world's leading internet social theorists and the author of "The Futurica Trilogy" together with Jan Söderqvist. In this speech he will elaborate on the fact that out of all the codes and other digital information we stuff our machines with, something much more profound, something sentient, is emerging. The internet controls us, and possesses opur imagination and worldview, rather than the other way round.

Thursday 8th, evening keynote, The Rebels Come Out Online

Jim mc CarthyJim McCarthy, author of the seminal publication, Dynamics of Software Development, is responsible for creating one of the greatest teams Microsoft has ever known, C++. His work has created a continuous and influential ripple effect in the world of software team management. Øredev is psyched to present Jim's keynote "Culture hacking and the coming era of magnificence", which in his own words  "is itself a distinct kind of culture engineering, and is faithful to the particular hacker ethos that originated in the world of software hacking. Good culture hacking will tend to protect personal freedom, extend openness, embody rationality and promote culture design elegance. Culture hacking takes into account the limits and uses of authority, is skeptical of incoherent institutional power, and is subversive of it." His mind has been known to knock the socks off it's user. So consider wearing a double set that day on Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday 7th, evening keynote, Culture hacking and the coming era of magnificence

reginaldJust looking at a few of the numerous titles Reginald Braithwaite has authored lends insight into what blooms from this man's mind: "Kestrels, Quirky Birds, and Hopeless Egocentricity", "What I've Learned From Failure", and "How to Do What You Love & Earn What You’re Worth as a Programmer". A prolific writer on a variety of languages and a strong proponent of open source, Reginald will present the keynote " The Rebellion Imperative" Thursday morning. Described as "Why rebels must defy and disrupt entrenched institutions—and three essential tactics for their success". He's excited, we're excited. 

Thursday 8th, morning opening keynote, the rebellion imperative


Yes, that Jonas Birgersson. The one that prefers orange fleece over Armani and putting the power of telecommunications into the people's hands. A rebel's rebel. Jonas is well known for his strong beliefs, and extraordinary triumphs. A man with an "illustrious past" who continues to be a serial creator, do-er and helper. What we know is that on Friday morning, this same man will be gracing the stage and riffing on what rebellion means to him.

Friday 9th opening keynote, Tailwind/Headwind, in the pursuit for fibre for all