Engage with your people! Being a partner at Øredev gets you face to face time with your community and your customers to build real relationships. It is an opportunity to listen and share with this large audience, one that can not be found elsewhere. Whether you are launching a new product, are just starting out and need to get the good word out or are an established brand that is expanding it's services or even re-branding, being a partner provides value to your organization in innumerable ways. Contact our Swedish Chef to get juicy details on our partner package offerings.

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Øredev brings together Developers and programmers, hackers and geeks, entreprise developers and managers, entrepreneurs, activists, designers, IT managers, trainers and educators. Øredev is the Premier technical and user conference in Europe focusing on the software development process. No other event brings such a coverage.          

What can you achieve together with Øredev:

  •     Align yourself with the growth of Øredev and its distinguished speakers and industry leaders.
  •     Increase your exposure and brand recognition in the market place.
  •     Position your company as an industry resource. Build an image.
  •     Give your company the opportunity to reach its sales goals through direct contact with customers and prospects.
  •     Connect with a highly qualified audience of developers, testers and decision-makers at a hands-on, technical level.