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Mattias Mattias Georgson Petrén, CEO of Øredev

Mattias runs projects. His career spans a full spectrum- beginning in research, with the building of particle accelerators and eventually leading him to Jayway, where his expertise is in the running of SW projects with Agile methods, and in building applications for major telecom operators.
Mattias engages in the diffusion of ideas. From his years at University, where he was a prolific creator of articles, posters, and presentations, his was an active voice in the debates within his fields of specialty. In more recent years, this field is comprised of project management, with a spotlight on how to adopt, apply and use Agile methods in more efficacious and expanding ways.

In his own words, "Sharing knowledge through conferences, seminars and the like is key for effective development in all fields of specialty. Øredev is a fantastic gathering of minds, where different fields of SW development are discussed, developed and cross-pollinate with one another in a way that is unusual for private industry. Øredev supplies a platform for both personal development of the participants as well as professional development for the organizations represented."

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Emily Holweck

Emily Holweck, Creative Conference Manager

My heart belongs to people that come together and achieve in making a positive difference. I really hope you'll enjoy Øredev and remember it as a great party!

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Robert JohnssonRobert Johnsson, VP Sales and Partnership

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