Øredev 2012 is also about Hypermedia

For the past 3 years, Øredev has featured sessions based on REST. Now, moving forward and more in step with what Javaheads have known for a while, it's about going back to basics, building Hypermedia systems as nature intended. At Øredev 2012 we will be featuring 2 sessions given by Steve Klabnik and Glenn Block on this topic of growing importance. Because devices varying from cheap phones to the kindle, from tablets to tvs, are just going to keep multiplying like bunny rabbits. And as the desktop experience is slowly disappearing, we need to be thoughtful towards building a solid architecture on web technology and thus performing as good as possible on each platform.


Friend of Øredev and .NET and web developer, Gustaf Nilsson Kotte, recently published an interesting and thought provoking article on Combining HTML Hypermedia APIs and Adaptive Web Design.

Read Gustaf's article here.....