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When inviting more than hundred speakers to a conference it is inevitable with last minute changes. As every year we are facing a couple of cancellations. All so far are handled with replacements. Changes are announced at the conference through info screens, and before the conference at our blog.
We are glad to announce new speaker Kevin Lynagh who will talk about building visual data-driven interfaces with Clojure script. He replaces Noah Zoschke.
We are also announcing a second new speaker Hardy Ferentschik, from RedHat, who will give a session about Maven vs Gradle.
Last week we shared the sad news about late Ola Hyltén, who passed away in an accident. Catherine Powell will give an additional talk at the conference to cover Hyltén’s speaker slot. Catherine’s second talk is about API usability.
Damien Edwards replaces Rob Connery, both from Microsoft.

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