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The hour passed by in a few minutes – what happened?

Many have wondered why there is a gap in the schedule at 2 PM on Thursday, November 8th. This year we'll give you 15 talks in 50 minutes. Choose a theme, enjoy, relax and get amazed, or perhaps enlightened, or even shocked.

Topics are among, NOSQL, Test, Mobile, Touch or No touch. Speakers are announced upcoming week on the web. Some are revealed here.

    •    Oren Eini, Alistair Jones and Chris Harris are all happy colleagues and competitors that together will show us the easiness of NOSQL.

    •    Ola Wassvik and Andreas Olsson from Flatfrog are showing off their amazing multi touch technology.

    •    Robert Gavelin from Tobii technology, presents their vision controlled devices.

    •    Hampus Jakobsson gets into Customer facing iterative development & innovation.

    •    Sebastian Ganslandt will serve us CQRS and event sourcing from the trenches.

    •    Janne Räsänen will bring up HTML5 mobile app development.

    •    Zed A. Shaw bill bring something unexpected.

The sessions are served in pieces of three. They have about fifteen minutes each including interaction with you. Don't miss out!

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