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Have you ever played games at work? It is fun and actually helps you surpass the way of traditional thinking. It might sound weird – it isn’t! This is what the Innovation Games course during Øredev is designed for.

Several organizations have shown the way of gaming collaboration. Innovation Games is used by many of the worlds largest companies.  Maarten Volders will teach you how to tackle the challenge of developing customer understanding. He will do this by providing you with a fresh perspective on how to use a variety of games with your customers to develop the understanding that forms the foundation of innovation. If you use them, you’ll come to understand what your customers really want. And, you will have fun whilst doing it!

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Why don’t you try out the Job or Joy game right now



Read more about how to play this game here. Objective: Get to know your colleagues while making work more enjoyable. How to Play: Drag icons to the chart to show what activities you like/dislike during and outside of work. Happy faces represent things you enjoy while frown daces symbolize what you don't like to do.

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