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Satellite of Love

2011 Øredev sent up a rocket in space. 2012 Øredev continues by launching a satellite.

Hojun Song describes himself as an artist and engineer, and he truly is both. Only an artist can think of an open source satellite initiative. And only an engineer can pull it through and make it all happen. Or perhaps, is it the opposite? This will be up to you to decide. Hojun closes the 2012 Øredev developer’s conference with his remarkable journey on building, launching and shooting out a satellite - into universe, all for the sake of love and peace, and to be the greatest man alive.

Hojun Song comes from South Korea and has a background as an engineer in electrical and computer science in combination with a career as a professional “ski-bum”. After breaking all his legs Hojun finally decided to make the world a better place. Since 2005 he has exhibited his art in Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Europe, and he has worked with large brands as Nike and Motorola. Though, all this will be history when the world will experience OSSI, Hojun’s ‘Open Source Satellite Initiative’, funded by t-shirts.

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