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Alexis Ohanian

At Øredev 2011, Alexis Ohanian gave the kick off keynote.  Well known and respected for his activism in protecting the freedom of the information superhighway, Alexis has been crowned "Mayor of the Internet" by Forbes Magazine. He is publishing a book, "Without Your Permission- How the 21st Century will be made not managed" -for release in the Fall of 2013. And more recently, President Obama found time to stop by and and answer questions on reddit, co-founded by Ohanian in 2005. We say 'Kudos Alexis!' You can see his keynote h ere.  A growing host of other excellent video selections from the Øredev library are available as well. All downloadable and sharable. Follow Alexis at @alexisohanian and learn more by visiting his site alexisohanian.com


Hosting such an illustrious and rising star gives us a happy feeling and a terrific souvenir. What kind of souvenirs will we create this year to look back on in the next? That's always an exciting facet of constructing an annual event. You get one chance to perform, and without a doubt, everyone contributes and magic moments are spontaneously styled, to be carried away in our collective hearts and hard drives . We will be featuring different contributors to the conference in upcoming newsletters. If there is something or someone you would like highlighted, please contact kathy.compton@oredev.org. Visit our speaker list, http://oredev.org/2012/speakers for a kickstart on ideas. As we said, we love to give back. And to look back. But the absolute best is looking ahead!


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