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TypeScript: JavaScript Development at Application Scale



On October 1, 2012 Microsoft launched a new programming language called TypeScript. 

This language is a strict superset of Javascript that solves a very specific problem – adding object oriented idioms and modules which in the creators claim will help JavaScript development to scale. 

Mads Torgersen and Anders Hejlsberg are two of the brains behind this development and we are lucky to announce that Mads Torgersen will speak about this at Øredev on November 8.

Developing large application systems in JavaScript is hard. TypeScript is a typed superset that compiles to plain JavaScript. TypeScript is browser independent; support any host and any OS. And it is open source under the Apache license.

 TypeScript is to JavaScript what C++ is to C, as in you are free to do whatever you want using the dynamic constructs available in JavaScript, but if you want a shorthand to implement classes and inheritance and leverage the benefits of static typing in terms of tooling and also preview features in ECMAScript 6, TypeScript is for you. Tooling support exists in Sublime, Emacs, VIM, and of course, Visual Studio.

Read more about the session and more about TypeScript here

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