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Java is dead – long live Java

A year ago Java 7 was launched and now we see Java 8 in the horizon. We will skip the past and cover the present and the future. From Java 8 Joel Borggrén-Franck will talk about Lambdas, which will be the biggest new feature. He will show you the need for Lamdas, the feature itself and its effects.




Then Marcus Lagergren will present Nashorn. Nashorn is the new primary JavaScript engine for the JVM targeted to be released as part of Java 8. It has been developed from scratch and compared to the existing Rhino engine it is smaller and yet it is significantly faster.




Then Dalibor Topic will serve you the Directors cut of JDK 7 Updates Project in OpenJDK. You will learn how it works, and how to work within it, how to track changes, get your fixes in and more.



Have you ever been worried about cross site scripting, SQL injections and other security vulnerabilities of your app?
JavaOne RockStar awarded Frank Kim will come to Øredev and present "Java Web Security by Example".

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