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Program Committee highlight- Pär Sikö

Behind the scenes with the Program Committee- Pär Sikö

We will be featuring program committee (link: http://oredev.org/2012/about-us) member insights on Øredev in upcoming newsletter editions. For it is their curiosity and thirst for increased knowledge that is the inspiration for session subjects and speaker invitations. Several of them shared their thoughts on the content and the Øredev experience. First up is Pär Sikö, who chimes on  a couple of the speakers and sessions he's responsible for and looking foward to.

An accomplished speaker himself, he and fellow committee member Martin Gunnarson, have co-presented at conferences around the world. In fact, the first time they graced the stage together was at Øredev when they were asked to do a lightning talk. Both surprised and delighted with this debut experience, this talk would turn out to be the first of many.
With a multifaceted point of view of Øredev, being on the committee provided Pär with the opportunity to influence the overall schedule, something he has been interested in doing for a long time. 


"Koshuke Kawagushi is a very well known name in our community and when I sent the invitation letter to him I could never dream of him accepting it.

Jonas Birgersson is a person that has the same kind of "reality distortion" field that Steve Jobs had. He's a guy with an incredible story that is both exiting and fun."


I will definitely attend the Jenkins, Structure101 and UX sessions."

Thanks Pär. You and Martin have earned your handmade cookies.

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