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Web and Frontend, are topics many developers are facing today, as is UX. We present you several speakers upon these topics.

Denise Jacobs from ThoughtWorks will take you from the shallow to the deep waters of CSS, making it scalable and modular. Denise has an impressive background in this, being an author, speaker and much appreciated web design consultant.

If you choose Billy Hollis, you can either have it all, or just a small bite. On Monday, November 5th, Billy gives a full day tutorial upon the subject “Creating user experiences – an entry point for developers”. Or, you can wait until Thursday and listen to Billy's session on “Interaction and Navigation patterns for modern user experience".

Totally we present 30+ sessions at Øredev tagged with Web, UX or Frontend. We're safe to say there is a lot for the developer to choose from at this year's conference.

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