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The rebel you didn’t expect!

Øredev presents you a rebel that has changed more than one industry. Many of us know him as the artist, the songwriter and millions are still listening to his music, daily. Alexander Bard has a daytime job too.

He works for Handelshögskolan (School of Economics) in Stockholm and is one of the world’s first internet social theorists and is an international thought leader in this field.  Alexander has written several books in “The Futurica Trilogy” (with co-author Jonas Söderqvist) and he advises multinational companies as well as governments in internet related questions.

Alexander Bard will ask us the question “What if the Internet is something much bigger than we think?”

In this speech he will elaborate on the fact that out of all the codes and other digital information we stuff our machines with, something much more profound, something sentient, is emerging. The internet controls us, and possesses our imagination and worldview, rather than the other way round.

Alexander Bard delivers the Thursday evening keynote at Øredev

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