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Meet with Sigge from the Program Committee

My name is Sigge and I am a Test consultant at Jayway. As a tester, I always try to have a holistic view and open mind about the software project at hand, and always try to apply the best possible approaches and tools to gather information needed to satisfy for good testing.

I really like the diversity in my role as tester. One minute I can be questioning some business requirement from the end user’s perspective towards the business people that know best, while the next minute consists of debugging some sql statement together with a developer to fine tune performance. Whatever the situation, I always try to figure out the most efficient way of solving the problems.

While my scope in testing is broad, I value the context-driven approaches to testing, using the most appropriate tools in any setting. On the other hand, the testing context of the agile project, including automation and sapient testing in a combined symbiosis, is something that I really like to explore.

To help your team deliver valuable software for the users, these will be two of the areas covered in the program of this year’s conference.

Sigge short interview

Sigge, tell us about the sessions you find the most relevant for Øredev 2012.

Lisa Crispin is co-author of the book Agile Testing, and this is still very much a hot topic since there are so many testers, people and organisations struggling with it now that they "went agile". There are many answers to the struggles, and Lisa will explain in detail about the whole team approach for quality and how to achieve it.

Goranka Bjedov from Facebook will talk about how to look at testing from other perspectives. How will we test in the future and to what degree should we value good test efforts?

How was it to be part of the program committee?

Being in the program committee is a valuable privilege. I get to invite and have one on one conversations with the most reknowed people within my very speciality in the software industry. It gives incredible possibilities to learn much more rapidly when my own ideas can get directed towards the very smart people that I meet in the role as a program committee member.

What are the sessions you plan on attending this year?

I need to say that I will attend the Test workshops on Monday. They are both highly relevant for me that works as the tester in agile teams. We have Lisa Crispin about the actually quite hard to achieve test automation to work in the agile team. Some teams make it work, but the vast majority never get there. Pradeep Soundararajan will describe Session Based Test Management with the visualization of mindmaps. I am very interested in doing this, since my own mindmaps tend to get stuck. I want them to be more fluid and more of a help when reporting. I think Pradeep will delve very deep into that and much more. Maybe you will convince your first top management about a bug with a mindmap next time.  =)

Tell us a memorable moment that has occurred during your time as a committee member.

Last year I and Mattias performed a students drinking song at the speakers dinner. It was alot of fun to sing a Swedish drinking song in front of all those bright software professionals.

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