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Videos from Øredev 2009

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Tuning your JavaFX app for maximum user experience (Joshua Marinacci)

Dynamic Deployment with OSGi (Angelo van der Sijpt)

RIA Enterprise Application Development with JavaFX Technology (James L Weaver)

Maven (Jason van Zyl)

JBoss in Action (Javid Jamae)

Spring Roo (Ben Alex)

Semantic Web Programming for Java Developers (Taylor Cowan)

Introduction to Groovy (Andres Almiray)

Simplifying the development of RESTful API with JAX-RS (Niklas Gustavsson)

Scala for Java Programmers (Joakim Ohlrogge)

Playing on the edge (Craig Taverner)

Java Testing on the Fast Lane (Andres Almiray)

Clojure (Stuart Halloway)

Open Source Java: Top Ten Things You Didn't Know You Could Do (Terrence Barr)

Java App Store (Joshua Marinacci)

Pragmatic Real-World Scala (Jonas Bonér)

Comparing Groovy & JRuby (Neal Ford)

Erlang - the language and its applications (Joe Armstrong)

Ioke - A folding language (Ola Bini)

What's New in Spring 3.0 (Joris Kuipers)

Efficient Software Regression Testing (Per Runeson)

Large-Scale Testing of Highly Configurable Systems (Adam Porter)

What Not To Test! (Robert Sabourin)

Getting Developers to Write Tests (Karin Lundberg)

Driving Features into Your System with ATDD (Lasse Koskela)

How to Think about Efficiency in Software Testing (James Bach)

Sleight-of-Quality: A Magical Approach to Testing (Jeremy Kominar)

Test-Driven Web UI Development (Scott Bellware)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Test Manager in an agile team (Davor Crnomat)

Agile Adoption at Enterprise Level (Petri Haapio)

Agile + CMMI = Success at QlikTech (Jonas Nachmanson)

The Manager’s Guide to Agile Adoption (Mike Cottmeyer)

Good is the Enemy of Great - a case study of continued success (Hans Selén)

Supporting Roadmapping of Quality Requirements (Björn Regnell)

Situational Leadership on Projects: Adopting Leadership Style to Conditions (J. Davidson Frame)

Project success by helping project members realize their full potential. (Bengt Wendel)

Why your Agile roll-out is failing (Dan North)

How Exactly Can Developers Create a Compelling User Experience? (Ben Galbraith)

Tap is the New Click (Dan Saffer)

Design to Development- Collaborating and Communicating on Interaction Design (Theresa Neil)

User Experience – because nothing else really matters (KLAUS SILBERBAUER)

GUIDe for Saving Face: Developing Killer GUIs with Agile Methods (Lasse Koskela)

Interactive Visualizations from Microsoft Research (Eric Stollnitz)

ASP.NET Advanced Ninja MVC (Scott Hanselman)

ASP.NET 4 WebForms and VS2010 (Levi Broderick)

Data in the Cloud: Accessing Azure (Julia Lerman)

Making the Sausage (Stuart Halloway)

Cloud Panel Debate (Alex Loddengaard)

Data Analysis in the Cloud with Apache Hadoop (Alex Loddengaard)

Down to Earth Cloud Computing (Adam Skogman)

Software Craftsmanship (Tyler Jennings)

Message-passing Concurrency in Erlang (Ulf Wiger)

The JSON Saga (Douglas Crockford)

Even Faster Web Sites (Steve Souders)

Just-In-Time Scalability: Agile Methods to Support Massive Growth (Eric Ries)

The Lean Startup: a Disciplined Approach to Imagining and Designing New Products (Eric Ries)

NoSQL: the new generation of agile, scalable, high-performance databases (Emil Eifrem)

Checklists vs. experiments - agile attitude for the battle hardened PM (Marcus Widerberg)

eXtreme Programming in Practice (Neal Ford)

The Productive Programmer: Mechanics (Neal Ford)

Building advanced business applications with the Dojo Toolkit (Nikolai Onken)

Creating cross-platform mobile applications with the Dojo Toolkit (Nikolai Onken)

Developing an Android based mobile phone (Erik Hellman)

Secrets of iPhone performance optimization (Alberto Araoz)

Parallel Programming: Why it's Coming and How to Prepare (Kerry Hammil)

Concurrent Programming with Clojure (Stuart Halloway)

An Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop (Alex Loddengaard)

Windows Azure = Windows in the Cloud (Johan Lindfors)

Google App Engine in Practice (Nick Johnson)

The Future of Web Applications (Ben Galbraith)

The Business Value of Agile Practices (Amr Elssamadisy)

Avoiding pitfalls in parallel programming (Bernth Andersson)

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire - Efficiency in Scrum (Robert Sabourin)

Project Planning in an Agile World: Do the Old Rules Make Sense? (J. Davidson Frame)

A comparative study of scalable and HA products, based on real projects (Jonas Bonér)

Our Obsession with Efficiency (Dan North)

Agile Adoption past the Team – An Experience Report (Mike Cottmeyer)

Developer/Designer Workflow with WPF/Silverlight (Karsten Januszewski)

What's New in Silverlight 3 (Shawn Wildermuth)

ASP.NET 4 Data Access (Levi Broderick)

IoC and Dependency Injection; Breaking out of dependency hell (Oren Eini)

Traditional Programming Models: Stone Knives and Bearskins in the Google Age (Cameron Purdy)

C++, Java and .NET: Lessons Learned from the Internet Age (Cameron Purdy)

Lessons Learned from Architecture Reviews (Rebecca Wirfs-Brock)

What Drives Design? (Rebecca Wirfs-Brock)

Kanban Chalk Talk (Scott Bellware)

Reconsidering cherished design dogmas (Johannes Brodwall)

Balancing Anarchy and Cooperation with Scrum in the Large (Johannes Brodwall)

Leveraging web services for smartphones using Hessian (Fredrik Olsson)

Towards an open development culture (Lars Kurth)

iPhone Games Self-Publishing: Maximize Revenue (Michael Schade)

Taking web applications to the desktop with Adobe AIR (Piotr Walczyszyn)

Keeping Your Options Open, Even if the Cloud is Not (Doug Tidwell)

DCI in practice (Rickard Öberg)

DCI: Re-thinking the foundations of object orientation and of programming (Trygve Reenskaug)

Information Overload and Managing the Flow (Scott Hanselman)

Rich User Interfaces for the JavaME Platform devices (Velimir Karadzic)

Advanced features for line-of-business applications in Silverlight and WPF (Bea Stollnitz)

jQuery Loves Web Developers (Remy Sharp)

The DCI Architecture: Supporting the Agile Agenda in your Software Architecture (James O. Coplien)

Making web applications for iPhone (Michael Samarin)

Designing Mobile Applications: challenges of software and design houses (Michael Samarin)

Microformats: A Quiet Revolution (Karsten Januszewski)

The Pair Programming Show (Niclas Nilsson)

Exploration of the NHibernate Extensions EcoSystem (Stephen Bohlen)

The Scaling Habits of ASP.NET Applications (Richard Campbell)

Scrow: Natural Convergence of Scrum, Lean and Kanban (Lasse Koskela)

Advanced Unit Testing with MbUnit v3 (Niklas Dahlman)

Debugging .NET Applications with WinDbg (Tess Ferrandez)

iPhone 3.0 - Symbiotic devices - How to use the dock to make the iPhone better! (Chris Hughes)

Unofficial iPhone Development - How to be a real iPhone code ninja (Chris Hughes)

JavaScript: The Good Parts (Douglas Crockford)

Putting the M in ASP.NET MVC (K. Scott Allen)

Advanced LINQ Queries & Optimizations (K. Scott Allen)

JavaScript: from Birth to Closure (Robert Nyman) Architecture (Stefan Norberg)

Scrum - why is it so hard to implement (Jens Östergaard)

Designing for the Device Neutral Mobile Web with JavaScript (Brian LeRoux)

Accomplishing More By Doing Less (Marc Lesser)

Modeling in the Age of Agility (Kevlin Henney)

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