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Videos from Øredev 2010

It's with great pleasure that Øredev is releasing the videos of Øredev Conference 2010. Watch them, share them, organize brown bag lunch seminars with your colleagues ...  Enjoy!

Øredev team, Sharing Knowledge!

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The type we want (Jonathan Snook)

Webmachine: Focus on Resources (Sean Cribbs)

Haml and Sass: Making HTML and CSS Tolerable (Andrew Chalkley)

Higher-Order Javascript (Piers Cawley)

CSS3 (Jonathan Snook)

Automated Testing of Web Applications (Jeremy D. Miller)

Better Practices for Building Fast Web Apps (Giorgio Sardo)

Hypermedia APIs (Jon Moore)

HTML5 APIs - The New Frontier (Robert Nyman)

Deep Dive into HTML5 (Giorgio Sardo)

Discovering the obvious (Steve Jennings)

Rethink for scalability (Magnus Robertsson)

Social Media and Personal Branding as Project Leadership Tools (Dave Prior)

Social for Real (Fredrik Olsson, Chris Hughes)

My last 30 failures, and what I've learned so far (Ted Valentin)

Clarity Rules!: Six Collaboration Skills for Agile Teams (Diana Larsen)

Twitter's Real-Time Architecture (Kyle Maxwell)

MongoDB: The New M in Your LAMP Stack (Mathias Stearn, Nosh Petigara)

Building Cross-platform Mobile Applications with Appcelerator (Andrew Chalkley)

Findings from ScrumPlop (Mike Beedle)

Patterns for the People (Kevlin Henney)

Scaling with Apache Cassandra (Peter Schuller)

CouchDB for .NET Developers (Hadi Hariri)

Spring && NOSQL: Introducing the new Spring Data project (Emil Eifrém)

Azure Storage Deep Dive (Chris Auld)

True Tales of the Apps Store: Making iPhone Apps for profit (not just for fun!) (Jack Nutting)

jQuery and Sinatra, a Classy Combination (Anders Janmyr)

iOS - Apple devices out of the pocket and out in the real world. (Chris Hughes)

iPhone & iPad Developer Tools (Evan Doll)

Core Data Overview: Adding Core Data to our application to decrease development time and improve functionality (Marcus Zarra)

UIKit Tips and Tricks for iPhone (Evan Doll)

Exploring Windows Phone Development – Part 2 (Jeff Wilcox)

C/C++ programming on Android (Michael Jennings)

Core Animation: Adding that extra polish to your UI (Marcus Zarra)

Easy Black-box testing with Robotium for Android (Hugo Josefson, Renas Reda)

Android on everything that isn't a phone. (Chris Hughes)

Patterns from real world (Veli-Pekka Eloranta)

Pattern Foundations (James O. Coplien)

Truth and Reconciliation: Agile Lessons from The Rainbow Nation (Aslam Khan)

Building Trust in Agile Teams (Rachel Davies)

Facilitation Patterns & Antipatterns (Steven "Doc" List)

Pragmatic Interoperability: Making Java and .NET play well together (Ted Neward)

Rails 2.3, 3.0 and 3.1: Past, Present e Future (José Valim)

The Counterintuitive Web (Ian Robinson)

Guice and @Inject (Stuart McCulloch)

Java provisioning in the cloud (Adrian Cole)

Compositional Design with Responsibility Driven Design (Jeremy D. Miller)

Abusing C# (Jon Skeet)

ASP.NET MVC 3 (Brad Wilson)

How to do test reviews (Roy Osherove)

Putting our head in the clouds with the RX Framework (Glenn Block)

Patterns of Parallel Programming (Ade Miller)

Unleash Your Domain (Greg Young)

Patterns for Building Internal DSL's in C# 3.0 (Jeremy D. Miller)

Re-thinking IT (John Seddon)

Mission-Critical Agility (Jeff Norris)

Java Puzzlers: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel (Bill Pugh)

Better Builds with Maven 3.0 (Matthew McCullough)

Understanding Adaptive Runtimes (Marcus Lagergren, Marcus Hirt)

Java EE 6 Overview (Reza Rahman)

Testing the Entire Stack (Neal Ford)

Defective Java: Mistakes that matter (Bill Pugh)

JBoss Seam (Reza Rahman)

Java + HTTP = 1 billion transactions per month (Jim Webber)

Pluggable web applications with ASP.NET MVC (Rob Ashton)

Top 20 tools and tips that make me a better developer (Roy Osherove)

19 1/2 Things to Make You a Better Object Oriented Programmer (Greg Young)

C#'s Greatest Mistakes (Jon Skeet)

Windows Identity Foundation (Vittorio Bertocci)

Large-scale refactorings using the Mikado Method (Ola Ellnestam, Daniel Brolund)

Real Options (Chris Matts, Olav Maassen)

Distributed Agile Development: Experiments at Microsoft patterns & practices (Ade Miller)

Emergent Design (Neal Ford)

Brown bags, Circles, Top Code and Lanterns: Knowledge Management in Scrum (Andreas Bengtsson)

Kanban and Scrum - making the most of both (Henrik Kniberg)

Visual Management for Agile teams (Xavier Quesada Allue)

Architecture in an Agile World (Aslam Khan)

Personal Kanban: Optimizing the Individual Coder (Jim Benson)

Creating a Climate for Project Team Success (Diana Larsen)

Delivering What's Right (Cory Foy)

The Burning Man, The Empty Pool and Sit Down Failures in Framework and Collaboration (Dave Prior)

Agile Release Planning from Top to Bottom (James Shore)

The possible future of Agile (Mike Beedle)

Clarity Means Completion: The Psychology of Kanban (Jim Benson)

Agile is dead, long live Agile (Jeff Sutherland)

The Power of MeeGo (Sami Viitanen)

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