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Session: How to do test reviews

Thursday, 13:10 - 14:00
Track: .Net

In this short session we will learn how and why we should all be doing test reviews on our peer's code. We'll talk about basic rules to look for in test code, and even review some of the tests of public open source projects out there.


basic development experience


* how to conduct simple test reviews, * why they are useful, * simple rules to watch out for, * simple techniques for making a review fly, *what to look for

Roy Osherove

The chief architect at Typemock, Roy Osherove is one of the original ALT.NET organizers. He consults and trains teams worldwide on the gentle art of unit testingand test-driven development. He frequently speaks at international conferences such as TechEd and JAOO. Roy is the author of the book The Art of Unit Testing, and writes about subjects such as unit testing, TDD Team Leadership and agile development on his blog is


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