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Session: Clarity Rules!: Six Collaboration Skills for Agile Teams

Wednesday, 15:35 - 16:25
Track: Collaboration

We measure project success by the team's ability to efficiently and reliably deliver valuable, high quality software to the customer. Increase the prospect for project success by ensuring team members have the skills for effective collaboration and clear, unambiguous communication. Diana Larsen will describe the six collaboration skills teams need and show techniques to get them active in your team.


Six practical collaboration skills, Techniques for instilling collaboration skills in teams, Benefits of effective communication in teams, Benefits of effective collaboration with customers

Diana Larsen

Diana Larsen sparks the creation of workplaces where productive teams display resilience in times of change and deliver software their customers want and use. Drawing on 15+ years of working with technical professionals, Diana takes a pragmatic approach to consulting with leaders and teams to promote work process designs where innovation, inspiration, & imagination flourish. Diana co-authored Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great!


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