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The growbotron, an iPhone powered farm. Not farmville.... a real farm.

I wanted to try my hand at indoor gardening, so I began the process and found so many repetitive tasks, measuring PH, watering, ensuring proper humidity, fans to cool the plants down, timers that need to be adjusted to control the amount of light.

So, like an good engineer, I made "an app for that", and so was born Growbotron!

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The growbotron, an iPhone powered farm. Not farmville.... a real farm.Chris Hughes

Hacked iPhone, went to google, then at&t, then started and sold a few startups, and now I'm building another one.


Being A SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Marcus discussed the concept of being a Subject Matter Expert in the iOS field. Marcus will walk us through what a client expects of you and what you can expect of the client. Marcus will also discuss many situations that he has run into as a SME and how he responded to them.

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Being A SME (Subject Matter Expert)Marcus S. Zarra

Marcus S. Zarra is the author of the incredibly popular “Core Data” published by The Pragmatic Programmers and co-author of the successful “Core Animation” book published by Addison-Wesley. Marcus S. Zarra has spoken at numerous conferences around the globe as well as taught Objective-C at some of the top colleges in the United States.


The making of Crazyflie

The Crazyflie, a tiny quadrotor, was started in the fall 2009 as a competence development project in the Swedish consulting company Epsilon AB. This project was done during free-time with component cost handled by Epsilon. The first prototype flew about 6 moths later, but it wasn't in about an additional 6 months, in 2010, we finally decided to send a video of the Crazyflie to Hackaday.com and that’s when things really took off. After realising there was a big interest in a tiny quadrotor such as the Crazyflie we decided to make it available as a kit that could be manufactured and sold as an open source development platform.

We will take you through our developing journey, explain the technology, problems we have run in to, open software/hardware and last but not least, a flying demo.

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The making of CrazyflieArnaud Taffanel, Tobias Antonsson, Marcus Eliasson

Arnaud Taffanel, Tobias Antonsson and Marcus Eliasson are all embedded and open source enthusiasts. They love doing embedded hobby projects and they have developed one of worlds smallest DIY quadrotors on their own time under the Epsilons competence development program.


Optimizing Mobile Games

Dennis Gustafsson shares his experiences from creating award-winning mobile game Sprinkle, released on iOS and Android. The session focuses on technology, performance optimization for mobile devices and cross-platform considerations.

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Optimizing Mobile GamesDennis Gustafsson

Dennis co-founded Meqon in 2002, developing game physics middleware. Meqon was later acquired by AGEIA Technologies and the software was integrated into the PhysX SDK, now owned by NVIDIA. Dennis also wrote a game engine profiling and tuning tool called Dresscode, which was acquired by RAD Game Tools. In 2011 he co-founded Mediocre with Henrik Johansson and released the mobile game Sprinkle. The game received an IMGA award for best casual game and has been downloaded over four million times.