This year Øredev brings a diverse set of sessions for the mobile developer. Find out what's new on Android, learn how to create compelling UIs, as well as get insider tips on how to create an award-winning mobile game. And don't miss the opportunity to learn how to program your phone to water your plants for you!

These are the sessions tagged with Mobile at Øredev 2012:



Chrome on Android: developing HTML5 Web applications

We will discuss pros and cons of implementing your application as a Web application vs. a native mobile application. The talk presents Open Web Platform / HTML5 features of Chrome on Android, as well as remote debugging capabilities.

Tags: Mobile Tools Web

Chrome on Android: developing HTML5 Web applicationsMikhail Naganov

Born in 1980, St. Petersburg, Russia. Graduated MSc in Software Engineering in 2001 from St. Petersburg State University. Got a PhD degree in 2007, also from StPSU. Worked on telecommunication projects in parallel with studying. Joined Google at 2008. Worked on Google Calendar and Chrome Developer Tools in Google Russia, St. Petersburg. Currently working at Google UK in London on Chrome for Android.


MVVM Applied in Windows Phone and Windows 8

The Model-View-ViewModel pattern is a common denominator between applications using XAML to create the user interface. In this session, Laurent Bugnion, the creator of the acclaimed MVVM Light Toolkit, will present best practices for XAML-based Windows Phone and Windows 8 application development, and how to leverage code and skills in Windows 8 too.

Tags: Mobile .NET

MVVM Applied in Windows Phone and Windows 8Laurent Bugnion

Laurent works as Senior Director for Europe for IdentityMine, one of the leading companies for Microsoft technologies such as Windows 8, WPF, Silverlight, Microsoft Surface, Kinect, Windows Phone 7 and generally User Experience. He is based in Zurich Switzerland, where he lives with his wife and his two daughters. 2012 is his 6th year as a Microsoft MVP (Silverlight). He is also the author of the open source toolkit MVVM Light, and of the "Silverlight Unleashed" books.


The growbotron, an iPhone powered farm. Not farmville.... a real farm.

I wanted to try my hand at indoor gardening, so I began the process and found so many repetitive tasks, measuring PH, watering, ensuring proper humidity, fans to cool the plants down, timers that need to be adjusted to control the amount of light.

So, like an good engineer, I made "an app for that", and so was born Growbotron!

Tags: Creative Embedded Mobile

The growbotron, an iPhone powered farm. Not farmville.... a real farm.Chris Hughes

Hacked iPhone, went to google, then at&t, then started and sold a few startups, and now I'm building another one.


Being A SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Marcus discussed the concept of being a Subject Matter Expert in the iOS field. Marcus will walk us through what a client expects of you and what you can expect of the client. Marcus will also discuss many situations that he has run into as a SME and how he responded to them.

Tags: Embedded Mastery Mobile

Being A SME (Subject Matter Expert)Marcus S. Zarra

Marcus S. Zarra is the author of the incredibly popular “Core Data” published by The Pragmatic Programmers and co-author of the successful “Core Animation” book published by Addison-Wesley. Marcus S. Zarra has spoken at numerous conferences around the globe as well as taught Objective-C at some of the top colleges in the United States.


Git on Android: Spreading Rebellion

A distributed version control system lets projects spread like fire in dry grass- and if the aim is to make the flame spread, it should be able to reach even the device resting in your pocket. Developing a Git client for Android threw up a bunch of interesting challenges; from low-level bug-hunting in the source of Android to unusual UI tricks. This talk describes those challenges, the curious bugs found, and the resulting Grand Tour of open-source projects; patching Android and even Git itself.

Tags: Java Mobile Tools UX

Git on Android: Spreading RebellionRoberto Tyley

Roberto Tyley is the author of Agit (the Git client for Android devices), a software developer at The Guardian, and contributor to various open-source projects. He's worked at GitHub, 'invented' animated diffs, and loves explaining things.


Optimizing Mobile Games

Dennis Gustafsson shares his experiences from creating award-winning mobile game Sprinkle, released on iOS and Android. The session focuses on technology, performance optimization for mobile devices and cross-platform considerations.

Tags: Embedded Hands on Mobile

Optimizing Mobile GamesDennis Gustafsson

Dennis co-founded Meqon in 2002, developing game physics middleware. Meqon was later acquired by AGEIA Technologies and the software was integrated into the PhysX SDK, now owned by NVIDIA. Dennis also wrote a game engine profiling and tuning tool called Dresscode, which was acquired by RAD Game Tools. In 2011 he co-founded Mediocre with Henrik Johansson and released the mobile game Sprinkle. The game received an IMGA award for best casual game and has been downloaded over four million times.



Windows Phone Development Best Practices

Get educated on recommendations based on real world experiences when building applications for Windows Phone!

Tags: Mobile .NET

Windows Phone Development Best PracticesJohan Lindfors

Johan Lindfors has been working with Windows Phone since the early days of Windows Mobile and are often speaking about the platform at various events. Johan has founded the company Coderox, currently entirely focused on Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 with various customers and engagements, some leveraging Silverlight, C# and XNA, others using C++ and DirectX. Before Coderox, he worked at Microsoft for almost 13 years, and have also been the head of development at Infozone.


Build web apps much faster

You need to build a rich, modern, robust web app from scratch. And make it scaleable. And secure. By Friday. Can you do it? In this talk we'll explore the extraordinary power of plain .html files, a text editor, and cloud services to deliver modern apps on a demanding timescale. You'll get an early preview of future features we're planning for Windows Azure Mobile Services that enable secure and scaleable web development without needing traditional self-hosted server code.

Tags: Mobile Web .NET

Build web apps much fasterSteve Sanderson

Steve Sanderson works as a developer for Microsoft in the team that brings you the ASP.NET technology stack, IIS, and other webby goodness. His current focus is on JavaScript technologies, including Node.js and mobile web applications. Before joining Microsoft in November 2010, Steve was an active participant in the ASP.NET community, being a member of ASPInsiders, a Microsoft MVP, the author of Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework (Apress), and a regular speaker at British .NET user groups. He blogs at and maintains various open source projects at



Building Highly Successful Windows Phone Apps: a Recipe for Repeated Success

Standing out in the Windows Phone marketplace is getting more and more difficult, but is still achievable with high quality apps. In this session I'll be walking through the systematic approach our team followed when releasing apps that have all made it to the top 100 list as well as being among the highest rated on the platform. I'll be talking about our inspiration and will be covering our planning and design process and implementation decisions and issues faced.

Tags: Creative Mobile UX .NET

Building Highly Successful Windows Phone Apps: a Recipe for Repeated SuccessGergely Orosz

Gergely works for Skype in London. He has been working with Windows Phone since the first SDK release early 2010. He has been involved in developing some of the top rated and highly successful applications on the Marketplace like Cocktail Flow, AppFlow and Weather Flow.


Whats hot in Android 4.0 + 1

This session looks at the latest changes in the Android framework and how to use them. Several coding examples will be presented and if time permits some live coding will be done.

Tags: Hands on Mobile

Whats hot in Android 4.0 + 1Lars Vogel

Lars works as an independent Android and Eclipse trainer, consultant and book author. With more then one million visitors per month Lars website is an important source for Android and Eclipse related programming topics. He is a regular speaker at international conferences, as for example Devoxx, EclipseCon, O'Reilly Android Open, MobilTechCon and Droidcon. Lars received 2010 the Eclipse Top Contributor Award and 2012 the Eclipse Top Newcomer Evangelist.


Test Driven Android

Join Cheezy as he reveals the secret of delivering a fully tested, high quality Android application.  Following an Acceptance Test Driven approach, Cheezy will begin by writing an outer loop of acceptance tests. As he automates those tests one-by-one he will then bring the application to life by test driving an inner loop of unit tests. This fast paced, hands on session will demonstrate how acceptance tests combined with unit tests can be used to deliver high quality Mobile Applications.

Tags: Hands on Mobile Test

Test Driven AndroidJeff "Cheezy" Morgan

Chief technology officer and a cofounder of LeanDog, Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan has been coaching teams on agile and lean techniques since 2004 with a focus on the engineering practices. For the past three years he has experienced great success and recognition for his work focused on helping teams adopt Acceptance Test-driven Development using Cucumber. He has authored several popular Ruby gems used by software testers and is the author of the book, Cucumber & Cheese—A Testers Workshop.


Android Burning Questions

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Android* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) - possibly with a guest not named David nor Woody.

Tags: Hard Core Mobile

Android Burning QuestionsPavel Lahoda

In software business since 1985, designed a large number of successful solutions for various needs and customers. Last decade spend writing mobile applications, focusing on Android and iOS platforms lately. Besides creating mobile software for clients that seen more that three millions of downloads in 2011 alone, Pavel is creator of Android programming framework ObjectForms ( which is his contribution to eradicate chevronitis disease.


Be brave, dive in and lead the testing for mobile apps

Mobile apps are threatening to engulf software development at many organisations large and small. Even organisations at the vanguard are struggling to find ways to develop and test their mobile apps, and the rest are either much further behind or yet to dip their toes in the water.

Let's find ways to incorporate testing and validation of our mobile apps. This session will provide a catalyst for some of you, for others perhaps you're already making progress so it'll provide another perspective.

Tags: Creative Mobile Test

Be brave, dive in and lead the testing for mobile appsJulian Harty

Julian's been actively involved in testing and test automation for mobile apps since 2006. He develops Android apps, works on testing and test automation for web and mobile apps and shares much of his material freely. He's worked for Google for 4 years and eBay for 18 months in global roles. Over the years he's also participated in hundred's of workshops and conferences globally.


Dynamically animating user interfaces and custom Android views

This presentation will present an easy technique for creating user interfaces that feel alive and incorporates "behaviors" rather than state transitions. This will be shared through code examples for Android where we'll see how this can be implemented into custom Android views.

Tags: Creative Mobile UX

Dynamically animating user interfaces and custom Android viewsAndreas Agvard

A software developer who has spent the last 3 years of his professional career working with Android. He has worked in several different layers of the Android platform, but has a particular fondness for things that look pretty on the screen. He is currently working in a UI software team at Sony Mobile.