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Creating User Experiences: An Entry Point for Developers

A new generation of personal devices has changed what users expect from technology. Users now expect better experiences in all the software they use. But great user experiences don’t just happen – they are designed. Most developers are very weak in the areas needed for that: fundamental design principles, the design and prototyping process, and user experience patterns. But there is nothing magical about design, and it is well within the capabilities of most developers to learn the basics.

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Creating User Experiences: An Entry Point for DevelopersBilly Hollis

Billy Hollis is a software generalist, an author and a well known speaker. He has been in the software industry for over 30 years and currently he runs his own consulting practice in Nashville, Tennessee USA, focusing on advanced user interface design and development, rules–based architectures, and healthcare systems.



TDD your Javascript

As the world moves to rich clients on the web, it is easy to treat javascript as "just a quick scripting language." But the language of the web deserves the same respect as any other application-development language. And this means that we should not just write tests, but should also harness the power of test-driven development.

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TDD your JavascriptJustin Searls

Justin Searls has two professional passions: writing great software and sharing what he’s learned in order to help others write even greater software. He recently co-founded a new software studio called Test Double, where he’s currently helping clients build well-crafted user experiences for the web.



Asynchronous User Interfaces - the future of Web UIs

Asynchronous UIs are a complete revolution in the way programmers are creating interfaces for the web, with an emphasis on speed and client-side state.

This talk will take you through all the steps needed to implement an asynchronous UI, from serving up JSON to rendering everything client side with frameworks like Backbone and Spine.

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Asynchronous User Interfaces - the future of Web UIsAlex MacCaw

I work at Twitter. Ruby/JavaScript developer, O'Reilly author and entrepreneur.


Pure, Functional Javascript

Are you comfortable passing functions around, returning them from other functions, and generally enjoy the pleasures of higher-order functions? Join in on a brief hour implementing ideas from functional programming in JavaScript. I will show you how you can significantly up your game by leaving loops behind and embracing functions as your primary unit of abstraction.

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Pure, Functional JavascriptChristian Johansen

Christian is a passionate programmer currently working at where he does everything from JavaScript to Ruby to Unix systems tuning. He is the author of "Test-Driven JavaScript Development", and he maintains several open source projects, including the recently released test-framework Buster.JS and the popular mocking framework Sinon.JS. After dark you may find him tinkering with his Emacs setup, coding Lisp and slowly being devoured by the world of functional programming.


Secrets of the Chrome Developer Tools

The Developer Tools built into Google Chrome provide powerful ways to understand, debug, and profile web applications. Most developers are familiar with its basic inspection and debugging tools, but some of its most valuable features, like the timeline and memory analysis tools, are lesser known. This talk will provide an overview of the Chrome dev tools and an in-depth demonstration of some of the lesser-known features.

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Secrets of the Chrome Developer ToolsPatrick Dubroy

Patrick Dubroy is a programmer and interaction guy who works at Google on the Chrome team. Previously, he worked on the Android framework team, built next-generation user interfaces at BumpTop, and worked on virtual machines at IBM. When not at the keyboard, he can usually be found on his bike, or relaxing in one of Munich's many beer gardens.


Testing Online Crazy Glue: Strategies for building testable PHP applications

PHP won the early battles for the web because it is online crazy glue. Testing applications written in PHP can be challenging without some guidance as there is lots of info on how to use testing tools but very little info on how to build your application in such a way that it can be easily tested.

This talk will cover strategies that can be used to shape your application in such a way that you'll be making production pushes multiple times a day with complete confidence.

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Testing Online Crazy Glue: Strategies for building testable PHP applicationsChris Hartjes

Chris Hartjes has been building web applications since 1998, mostly using PHP. Having built applications ranging from online searchable CD catalogs to high-traffic dating web sites to social commerce platforms, he tries to give back to the community via his blog, by speaking at conferences and by co-organizing his local PHP user group. He is also a big believer in best practices, testing, and automation as secret weapons for organizations to quickly deliver high-quality applications.



Building Real-Time Web Applications with ASP.NET SignalR

WebSockets is introducing web developers to a whole new world of real-time programming but that isn't the end of the story. SignalR gives ASP.NET developers the ability to build real-time web apps that work both with and without websockets and with an API so easy to use it almost seems like magic (really). You want scale too? No problem; SignalR scales out with your application. Come and see why web programming will never be the same again.

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Building Real-Time Web Applications with ASP.NET SignalRDamian Edwards

Damian Edwards is a Program Manager at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team where he looks after the core of ASP.NET (the bits that ship in .NET), and the Web Forms framework built on top of it. Damian is also the creator of the Web Forms MVP ( and SignalR ( open source projects.


Scalable and Modular CSS FTW!

Scalable and modular CSS architectures and approaches are the new hotness and rightfully so. They provide sanity, predictably and scalability in a potentially crazy coding world. This session will give an overview of some the most popular approaches, including OOCSS, SMACSS, CSS for Grownups, and DRY CSS as well as discussing some general principles for keeping your CSS clean, optimized, and easy to maintain.

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Scalable and Modular CSS FTW!Denise Jacobs

Denise Jacobs adores being a Speaker, Author, Web Design Consultant and Creativity Evangelist. Most appreciated on Twitter as @denisejacobs for her “Great Resources”, she wrote The CSS Detective Guide, and contributed to InterAct with Web Standards and Smashing Book #3. Her articles encourage people to express their creativity as they Banish Their Inner Critic and Reignite Their Creative Spark. Her latest project encourages underrepresented groups to Rawk The Web by becoming visible web experts.


Inside Information – How Visualizing the Human Body is Sparking a Revolution in Science Exhibits for Public Venues

Medical imaging techniques have advanced beyond recognition in the last few years. Ynnerman will explain how these systems, are now being adapted to provide public visitor venues, such as science centers and zoos with unique interactive experiences. Combining visualization techniques with interactive multi touch technology and intuitive UI, this is opening up new ways to interactively explore and learn about the inside workings of the human body, natural history subjects or even mummies.

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Inside Information –  How Visualizing the Human Body is Sparking a Revolution in Science Exhibits for Public VenuesAnders Ynnerman

Anders Ynnerman is the director of the Norrköping Visualization Center - C, which currently constitutes one of the main focal points for research and education in computer graphics and visualization in the Nordic region. He is also one of the co-founders of the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) and he is serving as the chair of the scientific council for CMIV.


Touch it – don’t touch it

This lightning talk session will present you with cool and new technology. Flatfrog where already present at Øredev with a prototype 2011 and now they have the best multi touch screen ready for the market.
Tobii technology steer their screens by their eyes.
Perhaps some multinational company participates in this session and shows their latest technology too.
And perhaps we can get the first real look and feel of the Surface!
Not much more to say – if you like new technology you cannot afford to miss this one.

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Interaction and Navigation Patterns for Modern User Experience

With modern UI stacks, it's much more practical to implement new and useful interaction patterns, such as viewports, timelines, dashboards, queues, and configurators. Even traditional patterns such as master-detail drilldown, wizards, and trees gain new capabilities. This session will summarize important and useful interaction patterns, show real-world examples, and suggest common use cases for them.

Tags: Creative Front end UX

Interaction and Navigation Patterns for Modern User ExperienceBilly Hollis

Billy Hollis is a software generalist, an author and a well known speaker. He has been in the software industry for over 30 years and currently he runs his own consulting practice in Nashville, Tennessee USA, focusing on advanced user interface design and development, rules–based architectures, and healthcare systems.


A Design eye for the Developer Person

A Paint by Numbers approach to UI development and design. In this session Scott will prove that Designers and Developers aren't separated at birth that deep within each developer is a designer waiting to claw its way out.

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A Design eye for the Developer PersonScott Barnes

Scott Barnes (a.k.a @MossyBlog) formerly a Microsoft Rich Platform Product Manager (WPF & Silverlight). He has been working with Adobe & Microsoft technology for the past 15 years with a main focus specifically on Internet Applications (aka. RIA, Rich Client Technology etc).



Building a grammar for statistical graphics in Clojure

Our data is typically optimized for use by computers; what would it be like if we optimized for humans? This talk introduces a grammar of graphics for concisely expressing rich data visualizations. The grammar, implemented in Clojure, consists of simple data structures and can be used across the JVM and via JSON. This talk will cover principles of effective data visualization and the benefits of using data structures as an "API". There will be lots of pictures and a touch of code.

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Building a grammar for statistical graphics in ClojureKevin Lynagh

Kevin visualizes data and makes statistical interfaces on the web. He has written enough JavaScript to be terribly excited about ClojureScript. Before Clojure he wrote machine learning and analytics tools in R and Scala. In 2010 he wrote a thesis on protein structure, for which Reed College inexplicably awarded him a physics degree. Kevin lives in Portland, Oregon, and spends as much time rock climbing as he does in the REPL.


HTTP Caching 101

Caching is one of the most powerful feature of HTTP and ReSTful architecture, and also one of the most misunderstood. This session will review what can be done with HTTP, debunk a few myths and show some commonly-implemented patterns you can implement in your own clients.

Tags: Architecture Back end Front end Hard Core Mastery Web .NET

HTTP Caching 101Sebastien Lambla

Sebastien Lambla runs Caffeine IT, a .net consultancy / contracting company helping the good people of London adopt new technologies, new processes, new methodologies and in general anything that's new and shiny. Specializing in cutting-edge tools, from REST architectures to occasionally connected rich clients, Sebastien has been developing with .net since 2000, and has a secret love affair with javascript. In his spare time he’s working on OpenRasta, a resource-oriented MVC framework for .NET.