Scott Barnes

Unpicking the Microsoft Roadmap

Scott Barnes (a.k.a @MossyBlog) formerly a Microsoft Rich Platform Product Manager (WPF & Silverlight). He has been working with Adobe & Microsoft technology for the past 15 years with a main focus specifically on Internet Applications (aka. RIA, Rich Client Technology etc).





A Design eye for the Developer Person

Thursday 18.00 - 18.50 in: Nyan Cat

A Paint by Numbers approach to UI development and design. In this session Scott will prove that Designers and Developers aren't separated at birth that deep within each developer is a designer waiting to claw its way out.

Tags: Front end UX

Unpicking the Microsoft Roadmap

Wednesday 11.10 - 12.00 in: Gangnam Style

Microsoft are spending quite a large amount of time and energy confusing everyone around whats in and what's not in the next few years. In this session Scott will walk you through some of the announcements and show in detail how it affects developers with examples of how to reuse the current skills/technology you have with whats vNext. He'll also give you some internal insights on how to navigate the next few years of technology roadmap confusion! Its opinated in some parts but will give you a better informed answer than "it depends" or "thats great feedback, lets take it offline"

Tags: Rebel .NET