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Track: Agile

This year the agile track has a wide range of topics. From processes to practices, technical to practical, we have sessions that will give you hands-on tips that you can go back and use immediately. Mix it all up with inspirational talks that gives you something to think about. Hear about Scrum and Kanban to find what works best for you. Learn how to improve your task board, or let our speakers inspire you to write better code. We dare say there is something for everyone.


10:15 - 11:05

Brown bags, Circles, Top Code and Lanterns: Knowledge Management in Scrum

This presentation describes four solutions used in an in-house program for knowledge management.
Our experience shows how a development department can increase knowledge sharing, encourage improvement and facilitate employee growth.
Additionally, one solution describes a model used to encourage continuous improvement in a multi-team scrum implementation.

Andreas Bengtsson

Jonas Rylander, Head of IT Development, bwin Games AB. Jonas has been working with software development in different domains during his 20 years within IT. The domains have reached from ERP to e-learning and from point-of-sales to gaming.

Andreas Bengtsson,
Section Head Development bwin Games AB 13 years of experience in internet as programmer and manager. Driver behind Knowledge Management at bwin Games, and Entra Internet Solutions.

11:20 - 12:10

Emergent Design

This session covers the current state of the art in agile design and architecture. It defines emergent design, shows enablers and blockers, and demonstrates how to discover, harvest, and leverage design elements lurking in code.

Neal Ford

Neal Ford is Software Architect and Meme Wrangler at ThoughtWorks, a global IT consultancy with an exclusive focus on end-to-end software development and delivery. He is also the designer and developer of applications, magazine articles, presentations, and author and/or editor of 6 books spanning a variety of technologies, including the most recent The Productive Programmer. He focuses on designing and building of large-scale enterprise applications.

13:10 - 14:00

Distributed Agile Development: Experiments at Microsoft patterns & practices

Most agile methods assume the team is co-located in a single team room. They give little guidance as to how to address team distribution although proven practices are emerging within the community. The Microsoft patterns & practices team has experimented with distributed teams for years, mining practices from the community and experimenting them out on numerous agile projects. This talk summarizes those learnings and gives examples of their application – both good and bad–within our teams

Ade Miller

Ade Miller is currently the Development Manager for Microsoft’s patterns & practices group (p&p) where he manages several agile teams. His primary interests are parallel computing and in improving the way people develop software. He is current writing a book on parallel programming, Parallel Programming with Microsoft .NET: Design Patterns for Decomposition and Coordination in Multicore Architectures

14:15 - 15:05

Real Options

This session introduces Real Options and shows how it can help in running both your projects and your life. Real Options is a decision-making process based on Financial Option Theory and Applied Psychology that can be used to manage risk. Applying Real Options to software development explains why many of the Agile practices are so successful.
This session will help people discover options where they haven't seen them before. After this session making decisions will never be the same again.

Chris Matts

Chris Matts is programme manager with a strong background in business analysis and development. He uses real options and agile project management techniques (Lean, Theory of Constraints, Business Value) to optimise the delivery of business value whilst effectively managing project risks.
Chris has bundled together a bunch of other people's practices into an Agile Analysis approach that he named "Feature Injection". He was involved in BDD and Kanban in the early days.

Olav Maassen

Olav Maassen is a project manager for Xebia and a recovering software developer. He is co-author of “Applied Java Patterns” and an experienced speaker at conferences. His main interest is in helping individuals, teams and organizations work together more effectively.
Olav strives for continuous improvement both for himself as for those he works with. To be able to do that he is always searching for new ways to further improve current ways of working.

15:35 - 16:25

Large-scale refactorings using the Mikado Method

It's nearly impossible to shield yourself from changes to a code base. If the changes are extensive, it’s easy to get lost in a jungle of dependencies, or on a sea of broken code. Ultimately, you might give up, label the code 'legacy' and start lobbying for a rewrite.

Don't do that, come learn The Mikado Method instead. Learn how this systematic approach can be used to reclaim your code. See how you can visualize, prepare and perform business-value-focused changes without breaking stuff.

Ola Ellnestam

Ola likes to combine technology, people and business. Which is why he finds software development so interesting. After coming in contact with eXtreme Programming he realized that developing software doesn't necessarily mean big and seemingly endless projects. There are flexible and fun ways to develop software too.

More than anything else, he likes to share his knowledge with others because he believes that this is how new knowledge and insights are created.

Daniel Brolund

Daniel Brolund has a small working memory.  He tries to compensate for his bad memory by using and spreading solid working habits, like limited work-in-progress, TDD, and automation.  He is a co-creator of the Mikado Method, a process and memento for large transformations of legacy systems. The method has enabled him to actually perform such transformations, in spite of his memory shortage! If you meet him, please refresh his memory and tell him your name.

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