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Track: Xtra(ck)

Always nice to have a little Xtra fun!  We admit it: we have a kick-ass program. But Øredev also arranges all the parts that let you enjoy, re-energize, even relax while you learn. It also makes for better, easier network building. This year we boost the fun with a bonus activities track – the Xtra(ck) – running in parallel.


10:15 - 11:05

vibration meditation: making noise to quiet the inner noise

In this day and age, the typical human being is stretched thin and finding that quiet place is harder and harder to come by. Incorporating the playing of simple rhythms on percussion, the vibrations and steady sound created will guide the player into vast stores of untapped inner-quiet real estate. Tailored to the A.D.D. Masses

Kathy Compton

Kathy Compton is an artist, composer, and vocalist, making up the American half of the pop alternative duo, Panda Transport. Splitting her time between living in a yurt in the forest outside of Charlottesville, Virginia and living on a shelf in her french bandmate’s flat in Lyon, France, Kathy enjoys coming up with new ways to create endorphins, because in her world, feeling keen is majestic. Miss Compton’s work has been featured on Network Television and in numerous films and commercials.

11:20 - 12:10


At 11h00 on thursday you can get your heart pumping a little and clear your head with a 5 km run. If you needed motivation: the first one finishing will win a BIG thing! Enjoy a quick trot around town, ending at the Kallbadhuset, where you can have a shower, sauna, dip in the ocean, and lunch. Then we'll take a bus back to the venue for more action.


You will be the ones running this activity! Isn't it good to be in control and get fresh air!

13:10 - 14:00

Piers Cawley

Piers is a long term Perl programmer whose returned to the language after a serious dalliance with Ruby. He's also dabbled more or less seriously with JavaScript, Lisp, Scheme, Smalltalk, Clojure and is currently learning Haskell for about the third time. One day it'll stick. When he's not working on the iPlayer for the BBC, he's a folk singer and photographer and, for one conference only, Giles Bowkett's stunt double.

14:15 - 15:05

Gym at the office

In a simple, easy-to-apply way, learn how to avoid and prevent the typical office injuries ..... You will learn how to best stand, sit, stretch and reinforce your muscles.

Fredrik Magnusson

Fredrik Magnusson has extensive experience in team sports, and among them he played hand ball on an elite level. In 1997 he graduated as a physical therapist and since then has worked with treatment and re-education. Over several years Fredrik has worked with different sports teams both during their education and training. Today, Fredrik keeps himself in shape practicing triathlon and multi-sport training.

15:35 - 16:25

The language of MIDI and it’s application

MIDI is a much used protocol that was created in 1982 and is now the digital standard that allows electronic musical  instruments to communicate. Today MIDI is employed by a variety of professionals such as DJ’s, dancers and lighting designers. In this presentation we will discover it’s uses and basic application by assigning commands to an infa-red MIDI controller to a synth in order to create sound and special effects.

Thierry Holweck

Thierry Holweck is an artist, composer, teacher, and film maker. A gifted rhythmic guitarist, he is the French half of the pop alternative duo, Panda Transport. He is always creating or deconstructing something, whether it be a sound, an image or even a vegetable. His work has been featured in numerous international film festivals and on Television.

16:40 - 17:30

Photo walk!

Provided it’s not pouring rain, we’ll go on a mini photo tour of  the beautiful area around the conference. If it’s dark, the workshop will cover night photography. Either way, there will be some kind of assignment to capture a specific object, color, concept, or feeling. You’ll be hunting for this thing (or things) during the first hour, and when we get back to the conference area, we’ll go through the results, discussing difficulties and triumphs. 

Amy Archer

Amy has been a photographer since childhood. She's had her own photography business for two years, and specializes in nature photography, workshops, and studio. In 2007, Amy won finalist for Best European Photoblog, and has exhibited at Student Literatur in Lund. She also is the leader for Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalks each year.

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