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Track: Smart phones

The smartphone has turned into the go-to computing device for many users in just a few years. The mobile phone has transformed from a communication device into the medium for accessing social webs, media content, and doing business. At Øredev you will learn how to take advantage of the iPhone platform that started the revolution, as well as Android and other emerging platforms vital for your users in the new age of mobile computing.


10:15 - 11:05

Core Data Overview: Adding Core Data to our application to decrease development time and improve functionality

In this session we will review what Core Data is and why we would want to use it in our Cocoa development efforts.  We will then dive into the fundamentals of the API and how to integrate it into our applications.

We will wrap up the session with some best practices and issues to avoid.

Marcus Zarra

Outside of Apple, there are very few people with a better understanding of Core Data than Marcus Zarra. He has not only written the book on Core Data, he has been doing iPhone, and now iPad, development as long as it has been possible to do so, and Mac programming for even longer. Marcus is the co-author of the programming blog Cocoa Is My Girlfriend. Marcus co-wrote Core Animation for Addison Wesley. Marcus is the owner of Zarra Studious where he builds Mac, iPhone, and iPad software.

11:20 - 12:10

iPhone & iPad Developer Tools

Introduction to iPhone and iPad developer tools, including the Xcode IDE, Interface Builder for visual GUI construction, Instruments for memory & performance profiling and Shark for in-depth performance tuning. Basic orientation as well as some advanced tips & tricks.

Evan Doll

Evan Doll worked at Apple for the past six years on products including the iPhone and iPad. He delivered popular presentations on iPhone development at WWDC 2008 and 2009. During 2009 he taught the popular iPhone app development course at Stanford University, with over 5 million downloads on iTunes U. Evan currently is the cofounder of a technology startup in Palo Alto.

13:10 - 14:00

iOS - Apple devices out of the pocket and out in the real world.

The iPhone is a revolutionary phone, but more importantly it is a revolutionary PLATFORM. With Apple rebranding the operating system to iOS and the pressure but on by Google to extend Android. Will this mean that iOS will be more than just iPhones and iPads? We'll cover using the iPhone OS based devices in non-tradional environments and in non-traditional ways. Both jailbroken and non-jailbroken implementations will be covered.

Chris Hughes

Chris spends the daytime hours hacking on small computers like the iPhone and Android based devices. His internet fame grew when his exploits of the first generation iPhone were made public. Being featured on the front page from reddit to the Wall Street Journal. Chris has worked as a mobility engineer at Google, and in a twist of irony, later went on to join AT&T. Give Chris  a soldering gun, and a compiler and watch a number of voided warranties evolve into something cool.

14:15 - 15:05

jQuery and Sinatra, a Classy Combination

jQuery is a simple, lightweight, Javascript library that has taken the web application world by storm. The slogan for jQuery is 'Write less, do more'.

Sinatra is a simple, lightweight, web framework that allows you to develop REST applications with a minimum of overhead. The slogan for Sinatra is 'Classy web-development dressed in a DSL'.

In this presentation your will learn how to develop web applications using jQuery and Sinatra.

Anders Janmyr

Anders Janmyr is a software coach, speaker, writer and passionate developer.
He has worked with databases, servers, mobile phones and robots, and has experience with small and large  architectures.
He has a wide experience of programming languages and his current favorites in different paradigms are Smalltalk, Ruby, Haskell, Lisp, C# and Javascript.
He loves the combination of dynamic languages and test-driven development since it gives him flexibility and control.

15:35 - 16:25

True Tales of the Apps Store: Making iPhone Apps for profit (not just for fun!)

The iPhone App Store is a "hit-driven" market; apps that manage to rise to the top of the sales charts get extra exposure for free and end up with the lion's share of sales, while any app outside of the top 50 in its category will be practically invisible to anyone casually browsing the store. This seminar will present a variety of real-life scenarios featuring apps that have made it big, or tanked, or both. Can you break even on selling iPhone apps? The answer is definitely, maybe!

Jack Nutting

Jack Nutting has been using Cocoa since the olden days, long before it was even called Cocoa. He's used Cocoa and its predecessors to develop software for a wide range of industries and applications including gaming, graphic design, online digital distribution, telecommunications, finance, publishing, and travel. When he's not working on Mac, iPhone, or iPad projects, he's developing web applications with Ruby on Rails. Jack is a passionate proponent of Objective-C and the Cocoa frameworks.

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