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Session: 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

Friday, 11:20 - 12:10
Track: Software craftsmanship

Modern programmers have a lot on their minds. Programming languages, programming techniques, development environments, coding style, tools, development process, deadlines, meetings, software architecture, design patterns, team dynamics, code, requirements, bugs, code quality. And more. A lot.

The 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know project has collected together the wisdom of many contributors to offer a distilled snapshot of what every programmer should know. This session draws from this crowdsourced collection to present some highlights and useful advice.


Approximately 20 items will be selected, including how to improve one's skills, programming style, testing, usability, etc.

Kevlin Henney

Kevlin is an independent consultant and trainer based in the UK. His development interests are in patterns, programming, practice and process. He has been a columnist for various magazines and web sites, including Better Software, The Register, Application Development Advisor, Java Report and the C/C++ Users Journal. Kevlin is co-author of A Pattern Language for Distributed Computing and On Patterns and Pattern Languages. He is editor of the 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know project.

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