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Session: Engagement of Customers at the Front End of Innovation

Thursday, 13:10 - 14:00
Track: Realizing business ideas

a.       Question 1: Do we really understand collaboration?
b.      The business must be fully engaged during roadmapping
c.       The Innovation Game® Prune the Product Tree allows the business to collaboratively define product needs
d.      The subsequent backlog must be exposed to and refined with the business

Jason Tanner

Jason Tanner collaborates at Enthiosys as president. He provides over 18 years of experience with software companies, a telecom company and the US Marine Corps. His expertise spans Agile product management and marketing, business planning, partner relationships, and leadership. Jason most enjoys coaching teams to reach their full potential in product development and, more importantly, their best work life. He facilitates Innovation Games and is a CSM.

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