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Session: Rethink for scalability

Friday, 14:15 - 15:05
Track: Social media

Social massive multi-player web based games such as FarmVille and Planeto Quiz need architectures that can scale to millions of users. The demanding requirements forces us to reevaluate our traditional patterns which leads to unconventional solutions and new components to be built. What's interesting is that many of the components are open-source since commercial alternatives are not really suitable. In this presentation we'll see how these architectures are built and discuss why rethinking our current solutions is crucial. And yes, we'll even look at some code!


interrest in web development


Patterns and strategies for managing massive social media applications

Magnus Robertsson

Magnus is the CTO and one of the founders of Planeto, the company behind the first massive multi-player online quiz game. He is an experienced enterprise application architect with a flair for solving complex design issues. He put a lot of interest in technologies that simplifies the design of applications and enjoys life when things scale. Under the faith that knowledge should be shared he often gives presentations about experiences and insights he gets from his work.


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