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Session: Social for Real

Friday, 11:20 - 12:10
Track: Social media

We took the initiative to do this talk at 10pm yesterday evening after we heard that Maz canceled his talk. So be prepared to come to an unprepared presentation on How we made the Øredev Puzzle from specification to completion on four smart phone platforms in just 5 weeks.

Fredrik Olsson

Fredrik is senior iPhone/iPad developer.
From a Øredev perspective he has developed TweetNote and Øredev Puzzle. 

Chris Hughes

Chris spends the daytime hours hacking on small computers like the iPhone and Android based devices. His internet fame grew when his exploits of the first generation iPhone were made public. Being featured on the front page from reddit to the Wall Street Journal. Chris has worked as a mobility engineer at Google, and in a twist of irony, later went on to join AT&T. Give Chris  a soldering gun, and a compiler and watch a number of voided warranties evolve into something cool.


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