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Speaker: Amy Archer

Amy has been a photographer since childhood. She's had her own photography business for two years, and specializes in nature photography, workshops, and studio. In 2007, Amy won finalist for Best European Photoblog, and has exhibited at Student Literatur in Lund. She also is the leader for Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalks each year.


Braving the world outside the green mode (or P mode) in your camera

Track: Xtra(ck), friday 14:15 - 15:05

This is aimed at those of you with a camera that has manual settings. In this workshop, you’ll get a clear understanding of what effect shutter speed, aperture, and ISO have on your photos. Lots of tips in this session also for stabilizing your camera and working with fill flash in harsh light.

Photo walk!

Track: Xtra(ck), thursday 16:40 - 17:30

Provided it’s not pouring rain, we’ll go on a mini photo tour of  the beautiful area around the conference. If it’s dark, the workshop will cover night photography. Either way, there will be some kind of assignment to capture a specific object, color, concept, or feeling. You’ll be hunting for this thing (or things) during the first hour, and when we get back to the conference area, we’ll go through the results, discussing difficulties and triumphs.

Photographic Composition and Creativity

Track: Xtra(ck), wednesday 14:15 - 15:05

Bring a camera (your phone will do, if it’s got a camera)! What is it about a photo that you like and why? In this workshop, we’ll discuss what makes an image appealing and motivate each other to expand creative boundaries. Expect some small, but fun, assignments!

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