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Speaker: Dave Hoover

Dave decided to become a software developer in 2000 when left his career as a child and family therapist and dove headlong into programming. During his decade of experience, Dave has focused on agile software development, software craftsmanship, and more recently on lean startups. He previously worked at ThoughtWorks and is currently the Chief Craftsman at Obtiva, where he pioneered their Software Studio, their now world-class Ruby competency, and their ever-evolving Apprenticeship Program.



The 9 Reasons You're Not Apprenticing Anyone

Track: Software craftsmanship, friday 14:15 - 15:05

Ask most great software developers what helped them attain their level of excellence, and they'll tell you a story about a mentor who encouraged, nudged, and/or guided them through part of their formative years. This presentation focuses on solving our shortage of great software developers through developing attitudes and cultures that encourage apprenticeship. Dave Hoover is the author of "Apprenticeship Patterns: guidance for the aspiring software craftsman" and has been studying and implementing apprenticeships for the last five years.

The Principles Behind Groupon

Track: Architecture, wednesday 11:20 - 12:10

Groupon rests upon a foundation built with the moderate application of many varying processes, philosophies, and buzzword-compliant technologies. This presentation will address the different ideas that drive Groupon engineering. Monolithic application design, conservative adoption of SOA, Domain Driven Everything, Agile-ish processes, advanced Ruby metaprogramming and anything else that contributed to the fastest growing company in history, will be covered. Mike Cerna is lead developer at Groupon, having started on the project in April 2007 during its formative years as

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