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Speaker: Evan Doll

Evan Doll worked at Apple for the past six years on products including the iPhone and iPad. He delivered popular presentations on iPhone development at WWDC 2008 and 2009. During 2009 he taught the popular iPhone app development course at Stanford University, with over 5 million downloads on iTunes U. Evan currently is the cofounder of a technology startup in Palo Alto.


iPhone & iPad Developer Tools

Track: Smart phones, friday 11:20 - 12:10

Introduction to iPhone and iPad developer tools, including the Xcode IDE, Interface Builder for visual GUI construction, Instruments for memory & performance profiling and Shark for in-depth performance tuning. Basic orientation as well as some advanced tips & tricks.

UIKit Tips and Tricks for iPhone

Track: Smart phones, thursday 14:15 - 15:05

Best practices, useful tips and little-known features for taking your iPhone application to the next level. Discussion of what to do (and what not to do) for best results in iPhone app programming.

Designing and Developing iPad Applications

Track: Smart phones, tuesday - all day

Designing and developing applications for iPad. Learn the basics of building an iPad application, including user experience design as well as UIKit additions for iPad. Put together an iPad-only application from scratch as well as build a universal application that runs on both iPhone and iPad.

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