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Speaker: Mattias Sjöbäck

Mattias Sjöbäck is a self-professed “coffee nerd,” but with a rich depth of experience as a practitioner. He’s a professional coffee connaisseur, occasionally making guest appearances as a premium coffee missionary! “I want to explain, educate everyone on and even politicize the difference between just coffee and real coffee – in terms of its taste, origin, ecology, sustainability, transparency and trade conditions.”

The taste of coffee

Track: Xtra(ck), friday 10:15 - 11:05

Or for a more hands-on approach, participate in a coffee tasting/workshop, during which you can sample different kinds and preparation techniques. Learn the difference and then let your taste buds enjoy all the hard work!

From seed to cup

Track: Xtra(ck), wednesday 13:10 - 14:00

Ever wonder how it all happens? Mattias Sjöbäck will take you on the coffee journey "from seed to cup," with a special focus on the workers involved (pickers, farmers...). With description and real images from farms, drying mills, wet mills, the roasting process and so on, you'll be entertained and gain a clearer sense of the life of a coffee farmer, picker and roaster. You'll also get to know the difference between regular coffee and excellent coffee.

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