At Øredev courses and are run by founders, thought leaders, or others with significant experience and standing in this field. They really know what they are talking about! And they know how to make it happen. Monday, tuesday at the Slagthuset.

Fast track to Scala, Heiko Seeberger

Heiko Seeberger is the Director Professional Services at Typesafe. He has been a Scala enthusiast ever since he came to know this beautiful language in 2008. He has more than ten years of professional expertise in consulting and software development on the Java platform, actively contributes to Scala community projects and regularly shares his expertise in articles and talks.

This two-day course, designed by Martin Odersky, the creator of the Scala programming language, and Heiko Seeberger, a recognized Scala expert, will give you an excellent grounding in Scala.It is intended to enable developers or development managers, who are experienced programmers in Java or other production languages like C++, C# or Ruby, to confidently start programming in Scala. No previous knowledge of Scala is assumed. Although intense, the course ensures you will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the language, the tooling and the development process as well as a good appreciation of the more advanced features. If you already have Scala programming experience, then this course could be a useful refresher.After having participated in this course you should:- be a competent user of Scala constructs in application code- know and be able to apply the functional programming style in Scala- know how to use the fundamental Scala tools- be confident to start using Scala in production applicationsThe presentation will frequently be mixed with hands-on exercises that give you a good opportunity to try what you have learnt and a chance to clarify your understanding.Program:- Why Scala?- First steps- Basic OO features- Testing in Scala- Learning FP by collections- For-expressions and -loops- Inheritance and traits- Pattern Matching- XML support.

Creative JavaScript and HTML 5, Seb Lee-Deslisle

Seb Lee-Delisle is an internationally recognised creative coder specialising in large scale installations. Whether building digital interactive fireworks displays or glow-stick voting systems, his work uses technology to bring people together in fun and exciting ways. He also produces creative visual effects for websites, games and apps in many programming languages and platforms. He loves sharing the creativity of code with artists and programmers alike using physics, motion detection, 3D and particle systems. His work has pushed the boundaries of what is possible both on and off the web, and won two BAFTAs with Plug-in Media, the agency he co-founded in 2004. A highly sought-after speaker, his recent Creative JavaScript / HTML5 workshop series sold out within hours. He co-hosts the Creative Coding Podcast, his blog can be found at and he tweets @seb_ly.

Two full days of creative JavaScript and HTML5 training. Very limited tickets to ensure a great atmosphere and focussed attention. Over the last few months, creative coder extraordinaire Seb Lee-Delisle has been inspiring a whole new audience in the art of creative coding with JavaScript and HTML5. Just look back at the #creativejs hashtag on twitter to see how the alumni are continuing to use their new found skills in ever more exciting ways. What will be coveredWe’ll start off with the basics of rendering into an HTML5 canvas, and animating simple objects. We'll then learn that physics simulations don't need to be rocket science. And what better way to use physics than to make a particle system with sparks, smoke and explosions?Working in two dimensions is one thing but three is one better! We'll demystify 3D rendering by creating our own simple 3D system. And then move on to more complex examples using three.js library from Mr.doob and his team.We’ll also examine the differences between using canvas, and DOM elements to help choose which one is right for us.Finally we'll use these new found abilities to make a simple game.Who is it for?This course is for front end developers who want to explore visual interactive possibilities in JavaScript, CSS and HTML5.

Registration and prices

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Fast track to Scala: SEK 10 000

Creative Javascript and HTML 5: SEK 12 000