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Hacking Developer Productivity (Chris Patterson)

Embracing Uncertainty - the Hardest Pattern of All (Dan North)

What Testers and Developers Can Learn From Each Other (David Evans)

Stack Overflow: Social Software for the Anti-Social Part II: Electric Boogaloo (Jeff Atwood)

My boss doesn't understand me (Jim Benson)

Ruby On Rails (Yehuda Katz)

Designing Graceful, Gracious Interfaces for iPad (William Van Hecke)

Domain Models and Composite Applications (Udi Dahan)

The Next Generation of Software: Delivering Improved User Experience with Metro Style Windows 8 Applications and Leveraging the Natural User Interface (Tim Huckaby)

Small Stories & Tall Tales from the Road to Big Data (Tim Anglade)

Pairing is fun! (Steven 'Doc' List)

Case Study on Team Leadership with Context-Driven Exploratory Tests (Shmuel Gershon)

Curing Our Binary Disease (Rikard Edgren)

NuGet In Depth: Empowering Open Source on the .NET Platform (Phil Haack)

From Småland's woods to silicon valley. A modern Wilhelm Moberg story (Peter Neubauer)

Collaboration by better understanding yourself (Pat Kua)

Data Access 2.0? Please welcome - Spring Data! (Oliver Gierke)

Building Mobile Phone Applications in the Cloud (Nick Harris)

Abstraction Distractions (Neal Ford)

Architecture Without an End State (Michael Nygard)

When the Fur Flies: Dev and Ops Collaboration at the Worst of Times (Michael Nygard)

Are we carrying horses in our pockets? Designing secure applications for smart phones. (Kim Hindart)

Get Dressed for Success - From Swing to JavaFX (Pär Sikö)

Public + Private = Reality. Patterns for building solutions that span public and private clouds (Marc Mercuri)

Vaadin, Rich Web Apps in Server-Side Java without Plug-ins or JavaScript (Joonas Lehtinen)

A less technical talk on technical communication (Jon Skeet)

Java 7 What's New, What's Next? (Mattias Karlsson)

Advanced API design: how an awesome API can attract friends, make you rich, and change the world (Jon Dahl)

Managing For Collaboration (Johanna Rothman)

REST in Practice (Jim Webber)

Collaborative Visioning & Learning in the Agile Organization (Jean Tabaka)

Agile Testing: Advanced Topics (Janet Gregory)

Become a Block-head! Advanced Objective-C block usage patterns on iOS (Jack Nutting)

Test-Driven REST (Ian Robinson)

Diversity in team composition (Henrik Andersson)

Visual Collaboration (Heather Willems and Nora Herting)

Visualising quality (Gojko Adzic)

Node.js - A practical introduction (Felix Geisendörfer)

How hackers attack your smartphones and tablets (Emil Kvarnhammar)

Time Off For Good Behaviour: Getting the Most Out of Your BDD Tests (David Evans)

Launching your product or startup: a framework (Colin Young)

Test-driven Javascript (Christian Johansen)

What the JVM Does With your Bytecode when Nobody's Looking (Charles Nutter)

Moving your XAML applications to Metro (Carl Franklin)

Not quite object oriented (Aslam Khan)

Deploying your Java EE 6 applications using GlassFish 3.1 (Arun Gupta)

Java EE 6 end-to-end app development (Arun Gupta)

Automated Acceptance Testing Anti-patterns (Alexander Tarnowski)

Apache Buildr: Build Like You Code! (Alex Boisvert)

The Design of the Scala Collections Library (Alex Boisvert)

Location Enabled Sensors for iOS: Making use of the sensors on your iPhone and iPad (Alasdair Allan)

Intro to the Future of the Microsoft Application Development Platform: Building HTML5 Applications with Visual Studio 11 for Windows 8 (Tim Huckaby)

Kinect SDK for Windows - A new way to interface with applications (Tess Ferrandez)

Facebook Application Development (Nathan Totten)

Building mobile web applications using ASP.NET MVC 4, HTML 5, and jQuery Mobile (Phil Haack)

Building ReSTful APIs, and how learning the word hypermedia will make you look smarter (Sebastien Lambla)

From Mac to iPhone to iPad (And Back) (William Van Hecke)

Async 101 (Jon Skeet)

.NET Collections Deep Dive (Gary Short)

Winning the long term user - with analytics (Donald Farmer)

Design Composition for Developers (Robby Ingebretsen)

Fonts, Form and Function: A Primer on Digital Typography (Robby Ingebretsen)

How hard could it be? What’s User Experience is and isn’t (Jeff Patton)

Old school architecture (Aslam Khan)

Participation in Mixed Reality (Per-Olof Hedvall)

Rest from use-cases (Rickard Öberg)

Rest from use-cases (Rickard Öberg)

How to select an agile vendor (Klas Skogmar)

"Cloud First" Architecture (Marc Mercuri)

Who needs a service bus anyway? (Udi Dahan)

Making distributed teams work (Thushara Wijewardena)

Why common agile practice isn’t agile (Jeff Patton)

Tell Me Why - A 21st perspective on Agile (Jean Tabaka)

Beyond Method - Using Systems Thinking to Deepen Your Mastery of Agile (Tobias Fors)

Domain-Driven Design and Agile (Tomas Karlsson)

Sleeping with the enemy (Gojko Adzic)

Focusing Testing on Business Needs (Selena Delesie)

Artful Testing (Zeger Van Hese)

How I wish users knew how I help them through context driven testing (Pradeep Soundararajan)

Creating a Top 500 Internet Website in C# for Dummies (Jeff Atwood)

Actor Model Programming in C# (Chris Patterson)

Phone Apps Unlimited (Mark Rendle)

Start(ing)up! Opportunities, Threats and Support (in Sweden) (Marianne Larsson)

Web Performance Triage (Marc Gravell)

Making your Application Cloud-ready (Troels Thomsen)

How a Dutch rapper ends up in Swedish startup - lessons learned (Frank Schuil)

What stirreth a VC's Heart (Christian Lindegård Jepsen)

Going For It: From Side Project to Startup - Building a Company One Evening at a Time (Aaron Parecki)

0-60 with Goliath: Building High Performance Ruby Web-Services (Ilya Grigorik)

Under Attack, Web Application Security in Practice (Tobias Järlund)

Agile metrics – how to preserve and promote collaboration (Klas Skogmar)

Only your mom wants to use your website (Alexis Ohanian)

CoffeeScript: Design Patterns for the New JavaScript (Trevor Burnham)

Transforming Data into Pixels: Visualization with Canvas and CoffeeScript (Trevor Burnham)

Agile Portfolio Planning: Managing Your Project Portfolio (Johanna Rothman)

Large scale agile – how to make it happen (Svante Lidman)

Patterns of Effective Delivery (Dan North)

Functional Javascript (Anders Janmyr)